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Operating System

Version Release Date Compatibility Download
v1.04 12/03/2019 X7 [DOWNLOAD]
v1.03 09/04/2019 X7 [DOWNLOAD]
v1.02 06/08/2018 X7 [DOWNLOAD]
v1.01 03/30/2018 X7 [DOWNLOAD]
v1.00 02/01/2018 X7 [DOWNLOAD]
Looking for original Master EverDrive v1 OS files? Visit our LEGACY section.

Release Notes:


  • Fixed palette lost during save state in sg-1000 games on gamegear
  • FM chip muting at reset (untested)


  • Supports 4MB ROMs (256Banks). Last 8 banks occupied by OS, so effective size is 248 banks. Feature works only in pair with FPGA core v02


  • Scrolling registers initialization (fixes OutRun Europa).


  • Fixed false detection of battery discharge status. At first boot OS will show "Battery has run dry" message.


  • Original release.


Version Release Date Download
v1.00 04/08/2018 [DOWNLOAD]

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