Light Gun for NES - Tomee (Zapper)

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Light Gun for NES - Tomee (Zapper)

The Tomee Light Gun is compatible with the NES® and the RetroN 1, 2, and 3.

It allows you to play your favorite shooting titles.

Plug the Light Gun into your console, insert a compatible cartridge, and shoot objects on-screen by aiming and pulling the trigger.

PLEASE NOTE: This product will not work on LCD, LED, and most modern HDTV television sets. This is also compatilbe with RetroN HD (when plugged into a CRT TV via AV).

2 Reviews

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    Can't believe StoneAgeGamer sells this product

    Posted by New Customer Dec2021 on Dec 24th 2021

    It is not even worth $1. the trigger worked but broke after 10 minutes of testing. Not even playing. No playing since the gun tracking is clear on the other side of the CRT. After opening it up, you can see why this is. This is worse than most of the cheap products from Aliexpress.

    I've heard so many good things about SAG and started buying stocking stuffers to give SAG a try. Just carrying this item makes me question the screening process.

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    Review from Jak

    Posted by Jak on Mar 5th 2014

    Pros: Works very well, accurate, trigger has a good click, well made sight.

    Cons: Feels very light and cheap. CORD IS VERY SHORT. I'm gonna be getting an extension cord so I can move freely.