JGO Neo Geo Memory Card for AES and MVS consoles

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SAG0031552 (D-2)
JGO Neo Geo Memory Card for AES and MVS consoles

JGO replacement memory card for Neo Geo AES (Home Console) and MVS (Arcade) systems.


The original SNK memory card carried 2k of battery backed-up ram, enough to hold roughly 20 game saves.

The JGO memory card contains 2 separate 16k banks of storage and NO BATTERY required!


Examples of usage:

You can save the level that you’re on, like the last level in Metal Slug or the final boss in a fighting game. 

You could also save your season data from Baseball Stars, or your current hole in Neo Turf Masters.


12 Reviews

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    Excellent Alternative to the OEM Neo Geo Memory Card

    Posted by Steve Barbano on Apr 23rd 2023

    Works great. No complaints here. Highly Recommended!

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    The BEST Alternate Solution for Neo-Geo AES available today!

    Posted by Luis Rodriguez on Apr 3rd 2023

    I accomplished my goal a couple of months ago to acquire a Neo-Geo AES console. I also made it a goal that I was somehow going to at least play and try to BEAT every single Neo-Geo title. The cost to get each game is beyond my budget so I found a NeoSD MVS. I knew it was not possible to play this on an AES due to the cart differences and pcb. Out of luck, I suppose, I stumbled upon a listing where a Daedalus MVS to AES converter cart was on sale. I research it and purchased it.

    I now had everything I need to beat all the Neo-Geo Games. I purchased another sd card and filled it with the AES versions of these games and voila! The NeoSD MVS works on an AES with no issues so far! I research along the way that memory would play a factor here so I need to purchase one. Little did I know that these cards would be a little pricey. Not only that, there are too many of these around to get. Pending on condition and workability, the price can rise.

    I spent $100 on 2 official snk neo-geo cards and have only gotten one so far which works. But, I am aware this card will lose its memory once the internal battery dies. It is not easy as well. Due to the card being held by double-sided tape, much careful planning is needed to open this. There are 2 tiny springs (one is close to the edge on the right side), and then you must unsolder the battery and replace it. This may calm your worry for a few years but will need to be done in the future.

    The official cards only hold 2k of data. Which means only so many games can fit there. There is also an FAQ breakdown where it states the list of games where they can take more than one spot, overwrite another game`s spot, or take up the whole card completely. Factoring in the amount I have already paid for 2 official cards which both batteries can die at any moment, I opted to get the JGO memory card.

    Upon getting this card, it is not as sleek as the official memory card. I like the metal plates on the real cards. The JGO cards feel solid regardless. The bank switch is a little difficult to switch since it tries to match the edge. I do like there is a blue and green led but pending on where you place your system, it may be a hindrance. I do like that no battery is needed and I would not have to worry about losing my save which is a plus.

    Transferring my saves from my official snk cards to this one was easy and my system recognized it quickly. I currently plan to beat every neo-geo game. And this should help me in my goal as I don’t have to worry about the memory card issue. I can now keep my original cards as a novelty.

    For those that plan to play every title like me, save some money and get this card. It beats having to worry about batteries and swapping cards over time. Imagine how many official cards it would take to save every game in the library.

    I can do it with this one card and save me so much money doing so. Neo-Geo is expensive. Doesn’t hurt to save a few bucks with some great convenience. Also, my order was processed so fast and I received this card quickly. Great packaging, my card arrived safely to me in bubble wrap.

    I will do business with Stone Age Gamer again :)

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    It is great

    Posted by Andy C on Feb 9th 2023

    It just works, no issues. Plug it in... never have to pull it out ever again.

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    Memory Card Works As Expected

    Posted by Daniel on Jan 5th 2023

    Very nice memory card for my Neo Geo AES. Does what it needs to do with enough room for all my saves. Works with my 161-1 cart and other AES carts well.

  • 4

    Posted by Denis on Sep 6th 2022

    Very nice memory card with ample places to save the whole Neo Geo library that supports saves.
    Works with my AES 161 in 1 cart when I set my games in Arcade mode.

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    Amazing memory card for the AES

    Posted by Denis on Aug 13th 2022

    I am using this with my AES. Very good quality and easy to use!
    Also works with 161 in 1 cart.

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    Easy and Works Great

    Posted by STEPHEN WHITAKER on Apr 22nd 2022

    Needed a memory card to go with my AES and these guys had the fastest shipping and the cheapest price. Was a little iffy if it was going to match my blue LED reset button and glad to say it does. So if anyone is wondering what LED color comes off the memory card, it is blue. Been saving a ton on this little guy and haven't even filled up one half of it. Definitely worth the price and use if you want to save your game in AES games.

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    Well built memory card for my AES

    Posted by STEPHEN W on Mar 29th 2022

    This thing doesn't feel cheap at all. Works great and glad to utilize it in my AES. Super fast shipping

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    Great product

    Posted by Reviewer on Apr 29th 2021

    Must have for your neogeo. Mostly use for saving difficulty settings.