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Operating System | Release Notes

X Series Operating System

X Series OS files will not work on the previous v2.X / v3.X EverDrive64 carts. Please scroll down for those files.

Version Release Date Compatibility Download
v3.02 10/11/2019 X7
v3.01 10/03/2019 X7 [DOWNLOAD]
Looking for EverDrive64 v2.X / v3.X OS files? Scroll down.
Looking for EverDrive64 v1.X OS files? Visit our LEGACY section.

v2/v3 Operating System

These files are not compatible with the new X series EverDrive64 carts.

Version Release Date Compatibility Download
v2.13 01/17/2019 v2.X / v3.X [DOWNLOAD]
v2.12 12/27/2015 v2.X / v3.X [DOWNLOAD]
v2.11 10/14/2015 v2.X / v3.X [DOWNLOAD]
v2.10 10/06/2015 v2.X / v3.X [DOWNLOAD]
v2.09 01/21/2015 v2.X / v3.X [DOWNLOAD]
v2.08 11/14/2014 v2.X / v3.X [DOWNLOAD]
v2.07 11/12/2014 v2.X / v3.X [DOWNLOAD]
v2.06 11/11/2014 v2.X / v3.X [DOWNLOAD]
v2.05 09/23/2014 v2.X / v3.X [DOWNLOAD]
v2.04 10/31/2013 v2.X [DOWNLOAD]
Looking for EverDrive64 v1.X OS files? Visit our LEGACY section.

Release Notes:


  • Just another fix for "battery run dry" false alert
  • NOT COMPATIBLE WITH EVERDRIVE64 v2.X OR v3.X! Please use v2.13.


  • Fixed false "battery run dry" alert
  • Reduced I2C bus speed to make it stable. (eeprom and RTC bus).
  • NOT COMPATIBLE WITH EVERDRIVE64 v2.X OR v3.X! Please use v2.13.


  • Menu video mode changed to 240p/480p.
  • All four controller ports is active in menu.


  • Minor stability update for ED64 v2.5.


  • Stability fix for ED64 v2.5.
  • Fixed bug in controller pak handling.


  • 64DD support (cart conversion)
  • CIC-5101 support for Aleck 64.
  • "Recently palyed" menu.
  • SRAM 96K support (Dezaemon 3D)
  • Fixed default save type for Kirby U/E
  • (!) At first boot OS will throw error 0x10 and reset all settings to default. This is normal.


  • "CRC Check" option to enable/disable CRC check.
  • FPGA code update.


  • Minor fix of bootcode.


  • Fixed "Self test" menu.


  • Fully functional GameShark. Special thanks to Parasyte and Modman for new GS core!
  • Automatic save and loading GS codes when user change the game. "Auto cheat" option should be enabled.
  • Fixed graphics bug in "RTC setup" menu (ED64 V3).


  • After reset, file browser returns where you was before than run the game, instead of just go to the root.
  • Users can change default save type in save_db.txt.
  • ED64-V3 support.
  • Fixed default save type for some games.
  • Changed save memory initialization, it fix the problems with some games.
  • Fixed possible problems with sram and flash ram save.
  • Fixed random hangs after reboot.
  • Self test function. Cart stability diagnostic.
  • Improved eeprom implementation.


  • Fixed problem with corrupted file names.


  • Fixed IPS patching bug.


  • bugfix
  • more space for overscan area


  • bugfix


  • (!) OS Is not supported with EverDrive V1!!!
  • Completely new OS was made from zero
  • New FPGA core
  • Faster SD interface. Now transfer speed up to 23Mbyte/s
  • GameShark cheats.
  • IPS/APS patches support
  • Auto cheats loading.
  • Auto IPS/APS loading
  • Forcing of TV mode in the game. It may help to run some PAL games in color with NTSC system
  • New menu interface
  • Auto CRC fix. May help to run some hacked roms with bad checksum
  • Menu supports two resolutions 320x240 and 640x480. Probably will be useful for some RGB moded systems which blinks in 640x480 mode
  • New controller PAK manager
  • Controller PAK auto backup funcion
  • 40 Winks works with NTSC systems in color
  • Some other minor improvements (:
  • Copying data from file to file, right in menu. To make some extra copy of saves, for example
  • File byte swapping. Useful for emulator save files converting
  • Menu supports analog stick



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