Digital Controller compatible with GameCube & Game boy Player (Old Skool)

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Digital Controller compatible with GameCube & Game boy Player (Old Skool)

The Old Skool Digital Controller is compatible with GameCube© and Game boy© Player. Play your classic GameCube© or hook up you Game boy© Player and play your handheld games on the big screen with the Digital Controller from Old Skool.


-Compatible with GameCube© and Game boy© Player
-Designed to work with Game boy Player
-Works with most GameCube Game boy and Game boy Advance games
-10 FT Cable
-Precise D-Pad
-Classic Buttons
-Reinforced Shell

6 Reviews

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    Posted by Jay on Aug 6th 2021

    I used this at a friends place and even though the build quality is decent i just dont understand why anyone would want either a GC controller that is missing both the analogue pad and c-stick, and with a z button in the middle of nowhere, or a GBP controller with more buttons than youll ever need.

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    Great for the price

    Posted by kris on Apr 25th 2021

    This is a good little controller, and an excellent alternative to the old Hori one that's crazy expensive on ebay now. I subtracted one star because it isn't quite as good as that Hori controller (D-Pad is just okay). Still, it gets an enthusiastic 4 stars for giving us a decent alternative.

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    Go-to Game Boy Player controller

    Posted by Nicolas P. on Apr 24th 2021

    If you own a Game Boy Player, this controller is a must-have! It's got great cable length and the build quality has been described to be on par with the HORI controller.

    The only issue I've experienced with it was the D-pad. I had no problem playing side-scrollers but when it came to isometric games, the top-right diagonal direction would rarely input properly to the point where I thought I had received a faulty product. Luckily, I simply swapped the D-pad membrane with a OEM SNES controller membrane and it's been working without a single issue ever since!

    For it's price, I say this is the best controller to use for 2D GameCube games and Game Boy games without a doubt.

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    Perfect for platformers on gamecube!

    Posted by Benjamin Christiansen on Apr 13th 2021

    I have a gba player and using the gamecube controller for many of those games just hinders the experience, this controller is perfect fix for that and for the price is just an awesome product

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    Finally a decent new Game Boy Player controller!

    Posted by Tim D. on Apr 8th 2021

    As much as I love the ORM GameCube controller, the dpad is a bit lacking for playing GB and GBA games on the Game Boy Player add on. While the Hori controller was the gold standard for a long time, used market prices have skyrocketed, so I’m glad OldSkool released this. Works great and feels great in the hand. I did boil my membranes to help break them in, but that’s not strictly necessary. Highly recommend this for Game Boy Player use, especially as it has a nice long cord.

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    fantastic and a great price

    Posted by michael williams on Apr 5th 2021

    got because a video review, feels good in hand dpad works great and is responsive all the face buttons feel really close a real gamecubes just a bit lighter on the press, the z button is a lot stiffer which is good for not accidentally pressing it overall great feel and happy i purchased