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Trogg Tech Display Stands Overview

Trogg Tech Display Stands Overview

Kris Randazzo
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Have you always wanted a cool way to display your games that isn't just lining them up on a shelf? Thanks to our friends at Trogg Tech, now you can! Their new line of game stands work on tons of different kinds of carts, so you can give your collection the attention it deserves.

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Hi, everyone. Kris from Stone Age Gamer here and this is an Atari Jaguar cartridge and like a lot of cartridges, they look pretty decent when you stack them up like this. But wouldn't it be great if you could line them up on your shelves looking like this? Well, thanks to the fine people and Trogg tech, we have these. This is a series of stands that comes for all manner of platforms like Nintendo, Super Nintendo and yes, even Atari, Jaguar. Let's take a look. [00:00:25]

[00:00:27] The first stand we're going to look at is this. This is the NES stand. Now, these things really don't look like much on their own, but that's kind of the point. They're meant to draw attention to the cartridges themselves. So here is a standard NES cart. And this just clips a right into the bottom there. It is properly sized to make that action happen and voila, there is your cart standing as is. Isn't that lovely? Now, what about other kinds of NES carts? Well, this is where things get a little bit tricky. So we'll take this one out and we have this tangled cart right here. The problem with tank and carts is they fit, but they're upside down. So I don't know if you really want to display your tank in carts upside down. You have that ability. But as of right now, these carts do not really do the trick as the standard normally, unfortunately. Then you have stuff like your colored dreams and your wisdom tree games. These unfortunately do not fit with these stands. Don't try to force them. You'll mess up your eye, your cartridges. See, the the slots down here are just slightly different shaped. This board is closer to the back here. So if you wanted to display it backwards, if you want to specifically display your wisdom tree games so that people can't see them, you have that option, but that's entirely up to you.

[00:01:40] Next up, we have this little guy and this is designed for Nintendo DS games. So here's my copy of Rhythm Heaven right here. And it just slides right in here and it up. You've got a cute little stand for your DS games. You could line up a whole bunch of them or if you're feeling a little fancy. I discovered that these stands also work really well for these. This is a tiger game come game and while it doesn't fit quite as snugly, it goes over this back piece here. Lovely. And there you go. You can have a stand for all of your tiger game calm games, which I'm sure you have plenty of. 

[00:02:13] Okay, next, let's talk a little bit about Super Nintendo and you can see it has Sony's written on the bottom there. Isn't that lovely? So this is exactly what you would think it is. Let's take my copy of Doom here, because why wouldn't you want to display this amazing looking kart? And there you go. Boom, there's doom sitting on display now. This also works perfectly for super famicom games. Here is a street fighter. Two steps right in the same exact way, holds on to it nice and tight. There you go. This also does not work for WisdomTree. There is one wisdom tree game on Super Nintendo. Oh, wait, I'm crazy. It does work. I was backwards. Oh, no, it doesn't work. Look at that. See, it tilts forward. So unfortunately, once again, no. WisdomTree You can kind of balance it, though. It doesn't literally it doesn't really snap on like it should, but you can just kind of balance it right on top. And that's actually pretty sturdy. That's not bad at all. So there you go. You could totally do your super 3D, Noah's Ark, if you happen to have it. And yes, it does also fit the super game. Boy, it is a it's sturdy enough to keep that sucker stand straight up. That a lovely looking thing.

[00:03:20] Next, let's talk about ColecoVision. So here is a standard Colecovision game and it just kind of slides right on there and it looks pretty nice. It said it slides right on there. Listen to me. Darn it. There you go. And there's my copy of Time. Pilots setting their lines up. Nice, nice and neat. Unfortunately, the standard calico vision ones work, but Atari soft calico vision stuff does not quite fit it. Atari soft ones had this kind of like a different inside there. You can see if you compare them top right there, these are just straight in. These kind of have a bit of a curve. So sadly, those don't work. Same thing goes for Montezuma's river. A lot of revenge returned to the Gameboy game. It fits, but like the tank in any games, it's upside down. So I don't know. That's up to you. And a fun little bonus is these guys, the ColecoVision ones, fit famicom games pretty nicely, I might add. There you go. Kind of famicom games. 

[00:04:16] Next up, we have game gear. This little guy right here will hold your Gameboy games. Here's my game gear, Megaman. And it just kind of slips right in there today and it looks super nice. So finally, a good way to display your game. Gear, games, dog hair on my table. Finally, a good way to display your game gear games. And also as an added bonus because I know you've got them Ouattara supervision games. They're not the most perfect fit in the world, but they sit rather nicely in the game gear stand. So if you happen to have a nice collection of Watara supervision games, you can display your Crystball loud and proud. 

[00:04:56] Next up, we have virtual boy. That guy sits right up like that. This you have to take the the black. Cover offer to make it work in these guys. So this basically replaces your your cartridge cover. You also have Neosho pocket once these ones are a little tricky, right? Because you'd think, oh, I should be able to fit all kinds of things on here. But they got this cut out because, you know, your pocket games had that little slot in the middle there. So there's neo geo pocket. 

[00:05:25] This here is for the Atari Jaguar. So Atari Jaguar games are notorious for not having any labels, but if you want to figure out a way to display them like that, tada. There's two Jaguar games delightfully on display. Same thing goes for the Atari Lynx. Obviously this will work on both the ones with the curves on the top and the flat top because it all, it all goes into the bottom. Just kind of slides right in there and you can display your Atari Lynx games. Next, we have Nintendo 64, the other one with the notorious missing end labels. And these just kind of fit right onto there. And Tara, they stand up nice and pretty. Isn't that glorious? All right. So this one here is actually designed for turbo graphics games. The cue card games are who card games are. I'm sure you're supposed to say that. But here's my copy of R-Type and Tada. There it is. Stand right up. Looking all pretty like. And then, of course, if it works on that, it works on master system card games. My hero. Look at that. 

[00:06:29] Now, while we're over here in the portable department, here is the Gameboy one. Tada, little Gameboy stand. Yes, this works on Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance because they're all about the same size. But there you go. That one sits right up like that balloon kid. Fantastic game. But in addition to working with Gameboy, this also works with ever arcade cartridges. If you haven't have loose ever arcade cartridges, they actually do work in the Gameboy one. Instead of slotting it onto this front part, you actually slotted into the back and it just kind of sits like that, which is a pretty nice display if you don't want to put your boxes up or if somehow you want to. But loose advocate cartridges. Well, there you go. You have the option. All right. Next up, we have a couple of waterfall style stands these hold here. They're designed for your Gameboy Gameboy color game boy advance. And they hold four cartridges in a nice, handy dandy waterfall style. And they've got a couple of neat options here. So this is my final fantasy display. It looks pretty nice. 

[00:07:29] Let's try the Gameboy ones over here. I'll take these off. And since you've got like an extra tall one, like Pokemon Pinball, it's not going to really fit down here without covering other things up. So I'm just going to throw that one, actually. You know what? What the. Hey, let's throw that one right here on the bottom now. I'll throw it on the top. It's sturdy enough to hold it on the top. No problem like that. And then we'll throw Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Red and they're cool. I got a nice little Pokemon display to show off, but this one was really. This was a fun little surprise. I discovered you can only fit three instead of four, but this can hold Tiger our zone games pretty well. And they don't like Lock in place, but they do sit really nicely in here, so they're not going to fall off. So they kind of the this little microchip part goes right into the bottom there. And there you go. This is an awesome way to display your tiger ar zone games. And I know you've got tiger r zone games. 

[00:08:32] Also, speaking of waterfalls, we have another one for D stuff D and 3D games slide in like this, which is pretty cool. But what else you can do with this little waterfall is you can fit your Nintendo switch games. If you got loose switch games today, they fit right here. They don't lock in place like these ones do, but they are a nice little place to display them. Same goes for your vast collection of Nokia N-Gage titles. Tada N-Gage. Hey, get back here. No Ghost Recon. If you're not clumsy like me, you can just place them right in there and tada! You have a nice display for your vast collection of Nokia N-Gage games. Awesome. 

[00:09:15] Now, it's not only about games. We have this stand here that actually works for a couple of neat things. This stand works great for a PSP of any any flavor kind of sets real nice on there. This also works really well for a game boy advance, pretty much any horizontal type system. The game boy advance is a little wobbly. It's not really wobbly. It just you've got to be a little bit more careful with how you place it. But there's a game boy advance and really more specifically, this is designed to work for the Nintendo DS. There you go sets really well and this and also sets really well with body light and this also covers really well for a 3DS or three XL or a 2D s even. Fits in here pretty decently. So that's what's really nice about this stand. But that's not just for consoles. Super Nintendo box, Super Nintendo games fit in these extremely well, which is it's it's got the right angle so that they don't like see that's not going anywhere. Just sits right up there perfectly and they're not going anywhere. So if you want a nice way to display your super NES boxes, this should do the trick. Same thing goes for big box Gamecube games. I found work really well on this specific stand. There's something about that angle that was set up just right. These sit really nicely on here. And I mean, come on the box for a dollar. It's gorgeous. Why wouldn't you want to put it on display?

[00:10:47] Our next step, we have this stand and this one is designed to work with pretty much any DVD style case. Like here is a Gamecube, DDR, Mario mix. And so there you go. And you got DVD stuff here like Xbox, PlayStation two, etc., PS3, if you've got anything DVD shape works in these just well and that includes stuff like the second card master system boxes like so fits like a glove. This is also pretty good for holding your standard CD sized stuff. There you go. Here's toy commander. Looks really nice on there. Also works with I can see the size stuff in sleeves like length, the faces of evil, which you can say what you want about this game, but it's got really cool looking box art. But even cooler that I found. This works really well with long box CDI games. So here's my copy of Tetris on CD-i and look at that. It just fits perfectly, makes a fantastic display for these things. And if you happen to be in R-zone collector, if you have any sealed zone stuff that came in these blister packs, these are perfect for displaying these, which is, I think, just fantastic. I know there's not a lot of R-zone collectors, but if you have these things, these are a great display standard to put these in because they just sit perfectly on there. 

[00:12:05] Last but not least, we have this little masterpiece. This is listed as the universal one, mostly for boxed games, right? So that's what it's designed for. It works perfectly with storage gamers bit boxes of all varieties. So here is not all varieties, but most main varieties. Here's 32 x dune, so right in there and these are about the same size for any ASCII genesis, etc. So these were great. But if you also happen to have the, the big, big box ones that are sideways like N64 I at that they work perfectly in these too. They hold them deliciously. Many other boxes work too. We'll just run down a list here. We've got a Gameboy Color look at that. Obviously that works for Game Boy Advance regular game boy virtual boy, famicom disk system stuff. You got stuff in boxes. They look great in here. We've got A.S. over here today. I'll play a little Tecmo bowl. Look at that. We've got Atari 2600 like so because everybody loves Atari 2600 Box Art, it's gorgeous. 

[00:13:10] We've got thick box PlayStation games. Look at that, the double one. So these will look really nice next to the other ones where you can hold the the single the single desk ones long Xbox PlayStation games also look great in here. There is a branded 13 starring Ritz Fritz crackers. Look at that. And then here we go Saturn Saturn and Sega CD also fit in these perfectly well. Look at that. It's tall enough so that you're not really in danger of knocking them down. They fit nice and sturdy, which is great. And last but not least, where would we be without the ability to properly display our boxed copies of Rise of the Robots for 3D? Oh, look at that. It's too tall to even fit in the frame. But yes, it does work for 3D boxed games. But that's not all. I have found that this is a oh, wait, I have more boxes. Look, advocate, you got advocate stuff, you want to lean them forward instead of showing off their spines, boom. There you go. And also, obviously, Sega Genesis works like a charm. Bobbsey, too. Okay, now besides the box stuff, there's also a number of cartridges that work really well with this stand, the aforementioned Atari, 2600 games. Now, they didn't work on the other one because they'd be upside down, but they look perfect in here. They're exactly the right size from left to right. They're all right with and they work great. Obviously, dust can get in the top here. That's up to you how much you want to protect them. 

Vectrex games. Same situation. They look really nice on here. If you want to display your back tracks games, there's a couple of space for sitting there. Same thing goes for if you really want to display here in television games. I don't know why you'd want to. There's no artwork on them, but there you go. There's a copy, a snafu sitting there. That's if that's the way you want to play it. And that does work for other and television games like Here's an iMagic One, Nova Blast. Now this one has it up. I down similar are similar to Atari stuff, but it looks pretty nice on there. Same goes for Coleco Intellivision games like Donkey Kong. Do that. Oh, let's see. We have Odyssey two. Fits this one nicely, actually. Really nicely. The Odyssey two games fit and these make a really cool display all lined up because Odyssey two arts really uniform. So that's kind of cool. Atari 5200 and you've got a Parker Brothers release here. Popeye works just like so it fits like a glove. And the same thing goes for your standard Atari 5200 releases. They actually look even better than the the Parker Brothers ones because, you know, they're not upside down. So you got the top of it all clear like that. This is another cool one. If you've got any of these Fairchild Channel F cartridges, first class, home cartridge based system, there you go. They fit great in this universal stand. 

[00:15:57] And probably my favorite one because there's really no good way to display these unless you have the original boxes. Microvision These things fit perfectly and these stands absolutely perfectly. Look at that. Getting a whole lineup of the micro vision games set up on these stands is such an awesome presentation. I just love that these work out for this. They were not designed for it, but they may as well have been. These are an absolutely perfect fit and a wonderful way of displaying microphones and games which are totally cool. 

[00:16:29] Display stands from Trog Tech are available now at Stone Age gamer dot com and they do a whole lot of different things. What I just showed off in the video was just the stuff that I figured out. Now there are other stands that I didn't have on display. Like there's one for WI remotes. I mean, if you've got something you want to display part of your video game collection, chances are try and figure out a way to get you to get it on display. Thanks, guys. Thanks for watching, everybody. If you like what you saw here today, please follow comment like and subscribe. Share it around, tell your friends and let us know what cartridges do you want to display spacing out instead of spined? Because we love pictures of video game collections. Hit us up on the social media and show us your awesome video game collections, especially by using the cool new truck tech stands to make everything look wonderful. Thanks again, everybody. On behalf of all of us here at Stone Age Gamer, keep playing games. 

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