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Stone Age Gaming: Nintendo Monopoly Sets

Stone Age Gaming: Nintendo Monopoly Sets

Kris Randazzo
16 minute read

You've heard of Monopoly on Nintendo, but have you heard of Nintendo on Monopoly? Well, of course you have. These things haven't exactly been kept secret, but that doesn't make them any less awesome. This time in Stone Age Gaming, Kris takes a look at his favorite Nintendo-themed Monopoly sets, and what makes them so darn cool.

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Hi, everyone. Kris from Stone Age Gamer here. Nown everyone's heard of Monopoly on Nintendo, but have you heard of Nintendo on Monopoly? Yes. Nintendo has made, well partnered with several different companies like Monopoly and USAopoly to make various Nintendo themed Monopoly games over the years. And I just happen to have a couple of them, and I thought it would be fun to go over my favorite Nintendo themed monopoly sets. Let's take a look. 

[00:00:37] All right, let's start with this one, and this is the Super Mario Brothers Collector's Edition monopoly. This is by no means an exhaustive monopoly collection. Okay, so I just have a couple of them. I just think they're super, super cool. And I mean, there's a ton of other Nintendo based Monopoly games around. These are just the deals that I have and all, but let's dove in. So here is Super Mario Brothers Monopoly Collector's Edition. You can actually see a bunch of the pieces right here on the front, which will take a closer look at minute and then the back gives you a little preview of the board and everything. So this is very much based on just Super Mario brothers, not like a general Super Mario monopoly, which is pretty spiffy. So let's crack it open. We can see it's got a nice little layout in here to help keep all your money and stuff separate when you're actually playing the game. Let's see. 

[00:01:25] Let's start with the boring stuff the die. There's really nothing special about them. They're just they got red dots on them instead of black dots. So I guess that's pretty cool. We've got the money, which is coins, which is hilarious because these aren't coins. These are bills and they're sloppy paper. But yeah, they're all just the monetary value in this game is coins. So that's that is very Mario. The actual cards here. Let's see. We've got the property cards, their regular standard monopoly sized property cards, but all the properties are levels and Super Mario Bros. So all right, that's cool. And then for your utilities, you've got fire, flower and superstar and then for your transportations, you've got cloud left, trampoline, vine and regular lift. So yeah, that all makes sense. 

[00:02:15] Then you got these guys your chance and community chest. These are pretty fun looking its pipe and question walk, and they redid all of them to be Mario run style stuff. So let's see. This is a flip. A coupe, a trip on its back. Collect 10 coins warp pipe. Thank you, Mario, but our princess is in another castle, each for each gold pole. Pay for each castle pay. 115. Pretty cool stuff in your question box you got set a new speed run to collect 850 coins. Let's do warp pipe takes you back to an earlier level. Go back three spaces, so they all kind of function to confront Palliser Advanced World before they function basically the same way as the original anomaly cards, except they're just worded differently and drawn differently. So let's see. As far as this is, of the three sets that I have, these are the coolest houses and hotels because your houses are flagpoles, gold poles and that nice look at these cute little green guys and you get for those and you can build a hotel, which is the castle from the end of the stage and saguaros, which is pretty snazzy. And then, of course, you have the pieces which are always some of the most fun bits in a Monopoly game. Here's your Mario is pretty cool. These these all these are really nice little sprite figurines here. They're made of hard plastic. They're not metal like a lot of monopoly pieces are and some recut tough to get out of here, but like, here's here's the toad. Nice and close, and they're just those sprites made into little pieces, here's princess toadstool. Pretty awesome stuff. 

[00:03:57] So on this particular set, the board is underneath here and there it is, with some instructions down there, too. And we'll just move this aside so we can see the board, which in this one is a folded in four. And this is where the properties actually look cooler. The the board, the cards themselves aren't really all that exciting, but the properties on this board are not half bad. Here's your go jail and free parking and go to jail. With the exception of the font are all the same original monopoly drawings. That's just kind of how that rolls. But look, the get us a little bit closer. You can see the stages themselves are pictures from the stages, which is pretty awesome. Seven Dash four seven Dash two So that's that's a really clever way of doing all that and makes the board look nice and colorful. Yeah, that's pretty much the long and the short of this one. It's a very nice, very nice monopoly set. It's, you know, it doesn't have anything special about it besides just being very Super Mario one themed and, well, I like it. Okay, next, let's take a look at Monopoly, The Legend of Zelda Collector's Edition. 

[00:05:07] So you got Mario. Of course you're going to have to have Zelda. This is a pretty nice one. It's a it's a good looking box. It's very thick, very square. And you take a look at the back. There's your pictures of what's going to be inside the box, which will get to in a moment and what it meant. Interesting. Anyway, sorry. Just got distracted by a piece that I think I might be missing. But anyway, let's take a look at what's on the inside here. Open this up. And in this one, you have the board right on top, which honestly, I like it best with the board right on top, because that's the that's where you want to start. And here we have big old Ocarina of Time link and you'll see that this one is not just an offering of time Zelda set. It's a it's a very franchise spanning thing you've got now skyward sword up there. You've got Ocarina of Time over here, you've got one waker over there. There's a lot of a lot of good stuff going on here. So in this fancy collector's edition, I'll just move these instructions aside. It came with this, which is a little treasure chest thing and it's got a map. I don't know why this was included. I mean, I'm glad it was. It's pretty neat. 

[00:06:14] But yeah, this is a pretty cool looking map of Hyrule as the Ocarina of Time Hyrule, if I'm not mistaken. Why can't I open this thing every now and then? You have it. It's a nice little map. I should hang that up somewhere. It's pretty cool looking. But anyway, put that back in there. Set that aside, and let's get to the real bits. So in this game, money is, as you may imagine, rubies. So you got your ones fives 10s, but they're all just rupees. So of course they are. That's the that's the monetary system in Hyrule. So that makes a lot of sense. The die or just die. And I haven't actually played this specific version of Monopoly. So these are sealed. I'm not going to crack them open, but you can see the hotels are just standard monopoly hotels, except they're gold and houses are green, so nothing really special there. You do have these, though. Apparently, this game you can play with these extra cards thrown in. I don't really know the whole theory behind how they work, but they are pretty franchise spent, let's say, randomly deal each player an item card at the start of the game, you may use your item cards dirt directive once per game. Oh, that's pretty snazzy. 

[00:07:29] So you know you can do the Ocarina of the Goddess, Harp, The Wind Waker, Minish Cap Spirit, Flute, Phantom Hourglass. So that's pretty cool. You can play it with some custom rules over here. We've got the near community chest and Chance and Community Chest, our treasure chest and empty bottle in this one. So let's say buy a mask to continue your quest trapped by the Twilight or the Twilley. I've never really know how to pronounce that one could go to jail defeat Major. So yeah, they're all similar. That's Super Mario on. They're all kind of designed around Zelda stuff, and they all have some really nice little little bits of artwork on them. And the same goes for an empty bottle, breaks and pots going down, and 50 rupees. That's a good one. Let's see what else we got here. Face off against Phantom Ganon advanced the forsaken fortress. So that's pretty snazzy in all, the locations on the board are based off of different locations in the games, and here are the here are the cards, the the property cards, and you can see that they're shaped differently than they usually are. 

[00:08:34] These are shaped the same as the Chance Community Chest, which is a thing, and all the little colored bits here look like rubies. So and they're all named after different places. Death Mountain for Sword, Sanctuary Tower, the gods forsaken. Fortress, low rule, sacred ground, house of Girls, and they're all kind of based on the same kind of things like these are Majora's Mask once Clock Town, Great Bay and Snow and Twilight Realms or his domain and grotto desert. So, you know, they're all, they're all there. Your transportation cards are upon King of Red Lions aloft in the spirit. Train and utilities are potion shop and bomb shop, which is pretty nice. And then the two big ones are Temple of Time and Hyrule Castle. I think the two big ones in the night, they were eight eight, one eight four and a Super Mario Brothers one. So there you go. Let's get down to the real good stuff, the pieces. And this is why I got distracted on the back of the box because I feel like I'm missing one of these. But maybe I'm crazy. Let's see. We have the highly and shield, which is pretty nice. We've got a the hero's bow, which is cool. We've got the Ocarina of Time, we've got a hook shot and we've got a Triforce force. And yeah, it seems I'm missing the gale boomerang where that went off to wonder where that little thing is hiding. Are you in here somewhere or are you underneath this money? Maybe you know nothing. All right. I wonder where my gale boomerang? Oh, there it is. Get over here. The Gale Boomerang from a twilight princess. There you go. And there it is. That's the that's the Zelda monopoly set. It's pretty nice. I like that it's got the extra the option for extra rules. That's pretty cool. 

[00:10:24] Last but certainly not least, we have my favorite, which is just straight up monopoly Nintendo Collector's Edition. I love this one. And we're just going to carefully turn the box around so you can see the back and all the stuff on the inside, I'm sure is flopping around. There so much fun, cool stuff in here. Let's let's get the business going. Take this off and right there. You've got the board on top. This is one of those traditional, you know, just side by side ones. Oh, look at because you've got all this money didn't fall out. There's little ads on the side for I don't know how I can see it. I want to turn this all the way. It looks like Simpsons and Pixar and Pirates and Superman Returns. How specific? 

[00:11:06] Anyways, so here's the here's the game board. Correct the sucker open and there you go. It is the Nintendo Collector's Edition, and what I love so much about this is that all the different property sets are based on different Nintendo franchises. So you've got your ear Mario's and are like, who are you in while the league or the dirt cheap ones? Then you get Star Fox, Kirby, Metroid over there, some more Mario stuff, some Chucky Kong, The Legend of Zelda, and of course, more on the way Jeff. They could walk in the park face. Once the money over here really isn't anything all that special. They're just Mario Money's. Each one has a different picture of Mario on it. That's pretty, pretty snazzy. 

[00:11:50] Let's see. You've got your one of your Piranha plant your your vehicles. Your transportations are Mario Kart Blue Falcon left zero warp star curvy and growing four star fox. Your treasure deposit is a picture of. From the cover of Warrior World, that's pretty awesome. And the utilities are, I guess, the utilities are piranha plant work type of people. Also, the properties themselves, they don't do anything all that special and you've got your, you know, like mortgage images on the back that they look exactly like regular monopoly cars. Except they say stuff like Ripley, which is just hilarious to me. Like totally Yoshi, it's all exactly as they they would appear in a regular monopoly set, except they say these silly Nintendo names. The big disappointment on this. The houses and hotels are those pretty, pretty basic. Rent, hotels, regular white monopoly gas is nothing all that special here, but you can't win them all. I'm going to show the piece is next and I'm going to save my favorite thing for last is the chance and Community Chest. 

[00:13:01] The pieces here are really cool. They don't spend quite as many franchises as I'd like, but they're not bad. You've got a decade barrel here and they're all metal too. I got Mario Kart. You've got Haley and she'll I've got links, iron boots I have of all the weird things like, All right, we're going to do a second Zelda thing, and it's just, it's going to be the boots. Why not? I guess, to kind of match the shoe from the original monopoly set. That kind of makes sense. Then you've got, I don't know, come back here, Koopa shell. Kinda hard to hold on to small and round. And my favorite piece that the enhanced control. She's pretty awesome. All right, so those are cool, but this is this is this is really great race for these here.

[00:13:52] These are the chance and community chest cards and this is why I think these are so extraordinarily cool because they have original artwork on them. All this stuff. These curvy ones, I think, are actually from the animated series, which is super bizarre. But everything here is official artwork. These cards all have Mario drawn like the monopoly guy on them, so they're all pretty similar to original cards, except sometimes they've got fun little thing like you inherit a castle instead of you inherit, you know, $100 or I will banker in your favor. But look, Mario has drawn original art just like the cards. I absolutely the wing cap for get out of jail free, which is so clever because the original get out of jail free card, it's and with wings on his back and these are so, so great. I absolutely love them. And as far as I know, this art's never been used anywhere else. So that's the coin blocks will take a quick look at some of the questions like ones. 

[00:14:49] See what else we've got in here. Same exact style since Mario drawn up like monopoly man. I'm sorry, but your princess is in a lot of castle a to Yoshi nearest vehicle team is upside down. You save the princess collect 150. You have been elected Player of the Year page player fifty bucks. These are. These are a treasure. These are just wonderful. I absolutely love them. And besides a besides of just being an all encompassing Nintendo board, which I also like that kind of sums up my favorite monopoly board. It's awesome. 

[00:15:27] When I was a kid, I got this really cool like anniversary monopoly set, and it was the first of all we ever had in our family. And I just fell in love with, like the design, the board, the matching colors and everything and really played to my sensibilities. And I just think monopolies on board game. So naturally, when I found out that there were Nintendo themed ones, I just kind of I couldn't say no. There's been a ton of them that I've always wanted to get. I know there was an Animal Crossing one and whatnot, but I couldn't buy them all the ones that I did get. Those three, I think, really just exemplified everything I wanted out of a Nintendo themed monopoly set, and they were great. There are a lot of fun to play because, you know, they're a monopoly who doesn't love the novel? 

[00:16:08] Thanks for watching, everybody, if you like what you saw here today, please follow comment, like subscribe to all that wonderful fun stuff. Let me know if there's any really good monopoly out there that I don't have like Nintendo or video game thing was there. I'm sure there's a Sonic one. Is there like an overall retro Sega one? Is there a Metroid set out there that I missed somehow? Let me know. I'm always happy to hear about stuff that I don't know about, so thanks again for watching everybody on behalf of all of us here at Stone Age gamer, keep playing games. 

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