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Stone Age Gaming: 2023 Game Room Tour

Stone Age Gaming: 2023 Game Room Tour

Kris Randazzo
29 minute read

After years of work, Kris's game room has finally come together. So what does it look like? Let's take a tour!

Transcript of the video:

All right. So this is door and it's got a bunch of aprons on it. And this is how we get down to my basement, which is where the game room is, where I do all this stuff. So let's start at the start. We open up the door and we have the staircase itself. Now, originally, the whole basement used to be this yellowish color. And then I painted everything to the grass color that you see down there, which is actually the color of a Gameboy, which was hard to match. But I made it work. And I think I looked at it, looked it looks pretty good. I should really get around to painting the rest of this. But anyways, as you walk down the stairs, you'll see I have crammed all of my old DVDs here. So this is my old DVD collection. They're more decorative on Blu rays too, but I guess they're kind of more decorative than anything at this point. But such is the way of a lot of physical media. I do still look through them from time to time. 

[00:00:50] Anyway, we come down the stairs to the basement. We have a metro Dread poster that's framed over here, and then we have this a fun Star Wars poster because I'm a Star Wars fanatic. I don't know if if anyone just watches my videos, you may not know I'm a Star Wars nut, but anyway, here we are. This is the room. This is my basement. This is where my whole situation is. And we're going to go through it bit by bit. So let's start with the most obvious thing. The thing that everybody has seen, the most of which is this. Here is a here's where my shot usually is. And if I back up a bit, you can see more of where it is. It's just three Billy bookcases from IKEA with a bunch of games organized meticulously on them. I have spent an insane amount of time organizing these games over the years, but I think the most interesting thing I'll point out about them is that if you look at any of my older videos, you'll see that the the games were actually pushed back a lot further. And I had my amiibo all lined up in front of them and I didn't like the way that looked because I felt like it detracted from the games themselves. As much as I love amiibo figures, like it's all about the games themselves, right? That's what's most interesting to me to look at. So I found out from I grab a couple of these games right off the shelf here. If you take VHS tapes and Latham flat on a billy bookcase, pretty much any video game you want to put in front of them, it's going to sit perfectly flush, like with a nice, decent lip in front of the shelves there, which I think is really cool, and I think it makes these shelves look super nice. It does. You know, it seems like a little bit of a waste of space there as far as like the games that really come to here. But still, it's hard to find bookcases that look nice, that are you know, I had to buy extra shelves for all these to make this work. But thinner bookcases that fit these kinds of games, they don't really they're hard to find ones that look look as nice as these. 

[00:02:45] So just a quick rundown. You know, I've got NES on this side. No, those aren't all real boxes. They're real games and real manuals. I have the games, the carts and manuals for all the black box games. Some more of them are in my closet over there. But these are real. Everything. Almost everything up here is real. These are all real. But when you come to Wrecking Crew, these are reproduction boxes or boxes that never existed, like the Mario Dotcom here, just because I love black boxes and I wanted to have them on display. And I'm not going to drop thousands of thousands of dollars to try to get them all done. And then I have my I organize the first party Nintendo stuff up top because I think it looks really nice together. And then I go third parties and then I have a down the bottom here. There's PlayStation two, a solid row of that, and then some Xbox and Xbox 360. Next to it. Middle row is mostly Super Nintendo. Again, I put all my first party Nintendo stuff up top there. I have some fun shows here, like the Mario paint. It was came in a big box. Bill. This is a custom small box. Same with my Earth Earthbound here, a custom small box. This is a custom box from our all stars and world. And then the rest of these are all real. None of these are repro is going down here to the bottom where I have two rows of Nintendo 64. I like N64, I just don't love it. But I do love the way these boxes look, except you get your weird outliers like Star Wars racer down there and then I through the Zelda games all at the end. It's the regulars on the collector's edition. So this shelf is pretty interesting. So at the top here used to be second mass system games, but second master system cases are ugly as seen. So I replaced it with odds and ends. Colorful stuff pretty much arranged by a publisher. You know, you got some sun, soft ones together and renovation stuff together, etc. And then we go with the Black checkerboard stuff there, the black grid pattern games and groups, the big Genesis logo ones together, the middle size ones and the small ones, because I'm really anal about that stuff. And then you get the red red line Genesis games. This is my favorite. My favorite box are as the red line Genesis games. I love the way these look this. Whole Sega thing they had with the red, the blue for the Sega CD, the yellow for the 32 x white for the Saturn and of course purple for game gear. I don't have any boxed game gear games. I always love the way this looked. So I arrange these guys here in the sexy the underneath it and Saturn down there and then we get a solid row of Gamecube. I have a few more of those in my closet. And then we continued. We and then we u down on the bottom. Now, some of this stuff. I know people have issues with the wall of games that's used as a backdrop in videos, but honestly, this wall of games is. Excuse me. 

[00:05:43] Now, I know people have said I've heard people have major issues with the whole wall of games thing. And honestly, this wall of games is not meant to just look impressive, like, Oh, look how cool this is. I, I love this stuff. And the goal is to fill this wall with games that all have meaning to me. Now. There's stuff in here that doesn't like. Perfect example. I have Incredible Hulk here. I don't care about this game. I got that boxed in a lot with other stuff that I do care about. What I do care about is Jurassic Park one on Super Nintendo. I don't have a box for that. Eventually, the goal is to to weed out all the stuff that I'm using as filler just to kind of fill spots on these shelves and replace them only with games that I genuinely care about having in my collection. I think this looks great. I will often, at the end of the day, lay down on this couch and just look at my wall of games because I think it's fun. I love this stuff to death. So what happened to the Amiibo? Well, when I swoop around and look up, I got these shells. These are shoe shells that I bought off of Amazon. And I just kind of drilled them right into this air conditioning duct that's going across my basement here. And I just lined them all up, going all the way across the room. I know you see some Pittsburgh Steelers stuff there. I am not a football fan, but my wife is a huge Steelers fan. She is from Pittsburgh. So that explains that. So, yeah, that's where all the amoeba landed. And I think they look pretty good up there. I have a few extras actually on the other side of the aisle because I ran out of room. So there's more stuff my Chrono Trigger figures and some extra amiibo over there. So let's see what's next. 

[00:07:27] Let us go in this direction. So over here you'll see my ugly couch. I always shoot around this couch. Every time I make videos. I try to avoid showing off this couch because it is ugliest and it's all torn up and stuff. But it came with the house, so I haven't gone out and bought a new couch yet. Also, this rug doesn't really match, but again, you know, it's all very piecemeal. It's a work in progress. But over on the wall, we have this wonderful artwork. This is from the Tim Pitino's art of Atari poster book, which if you are a fan of Atari artwork, you have got to get this thing because frames fit perfectly. These are just for store bought frames. They're nice and easy to find. They're super cheap and they just look spectacular. Video Pinball. This is my favorite Atari box. Art is video pinball. I've always loved that one, but here you go. Here's my my calendar, my Nintendo Power Game calendar. I have all four of them and I just cycle through them year after year. Whether or not they they actually line up with the year that we're currently in. So that's fun. I love I love these calendars. 

[00:08:35] And then we'll move over here to on top of my desk, I have more art of Atari up there and then I have these first four figure statues. This Samus Aaron and the various suit here is actually damaged. My wife got this forming off of somebody in these seats. It's all damaged. It's kind of chipped up. But I was able to glue together. I think it looks wonderful. And then this one I bought new link on a pony. It's. I just love this. It's fantastic. It was stupid, expensive at the time, but I don't regret the purchase. I was able to afford it back at the time. And I love this thing to death and then this little mario amiibo here. I won't pan out. And this is this is my desk. So this is where I do all of my my work. I've got, you know, ask me about loom sticker, not sticker pin. I've got a stress toc stress taco. I have a squishy little hotdog that my daughter colored in for me out of some sort of craft kit. And this the Bowser trophy from Club Nintendo and my Pac-Man clock is super cool. There goes. That is a really cool clock, except it runs slow. So I have to change the time every now and then. Oh, no, Over here we got a couple of fun things hiding back here. These are my old bobbleheads. I got them kind of stuff back here for lack of anywhere else to put like a fox, beautiful Joe, Megaman Samus Link and Mario because Samus is more of a bubble torso. And then one last secret in here. So besides some wonderful drawing my daughter made for me in here, I have in case I need some inspiration. It was Tuesday. I love that thing. 

[00:10:08] Okay, so next up, let's see this shelving unit here that you see was actually built into the wall when we bought this place. It's got electricity on a couple like outlets on a couple of different things there, which is pretty wild. So it worked out perfectly for putting putting game systems on. I got a switch stock up top here for whenever I want to play down here in the basement. I have that one up here because this is more shallow than the rest of it that's got this little chunk sitting there. And then down here I've got an Xbox 360 and Apple TV in the corner there. Here's my Atari VCs, which I love, the stupid thing I play with here. Every week is my PlayStation three and my PlayStation four with a Gamecube on tap for HD, a Gamecube playing my CRT on the other side of the room. We'll check that minute and some cool dragon ball art up there. And then this is my ancient television. This is a plasma TV from Panasonic that was struck by lightning. I love living in a house and it got struck by lightning. And the HDMI ports don't work anymore, but I have this weird component HDMI switch box situation that kind of makes it work, so I'll replace it one of these days. Anyways, down here we have PlayStation stuff, so I've got these shelves. This was an IKEA TV stand here and this was designed to have stuff like a VCR, a video game system and all these shelves, but that doesn't really work out for me, especially when we had really small children because they would just, you know, poke and prod and destroy everything. So I've had various things on the shelves over the years, and it occurred to me that they're kind of the perfect size for this setup. So PlayStation one is up here. I got the single disc games here and then the double disc games over here, just because I think it makes a nicer, prettier presentation to have them separated. But I just took some some molding and nailed it into the the, the actual shelf down here and measured it out so that the PlayStation games would sit up on the edge like that. So that's how that works. And then underneath that I got PlayStation three and four and Xbox One titles and Blu rays. And then over here you've got switch games, which again, they just fit so perfectly here. This is my excess switch stuff. I have more switch games upstairs where the actual switch lives. That's where the switch, the Xbox One, the Wii U and my like NES and SNES mini live they live upstairs in the living room because that's where we tend to play together. And then these drawers are hilariously filled with an obscene amount of hot Wheels because my kids love Hot Wheels and we've just been getting them for close to ten years now, and they're just all collected in these drawers. Someday they will be something more videogame related. 

[00:12:50] All right, let's see, what do we have next? We have victrex. So this is the bar that was in built into the basement, which is really freakishly nice. And I figure there is no better place to put this victrex than right here on the bar. So, you know, it's it's a I don't think it's plugged in right now, but I have my multicast down there and it is prep for good old fashioned victrex playing with the commander video statue on top there and some other artwork and let us continue to move around the room. Got our pool table here. Lots of kid stuff. I share this space with my kids still, so it's not a 100% game room, but it's got the all the the trappings of getting it started. But there's pool table is a dinosaur over there. And then this this is pretty fun. So this is my complete run of Nintendo power. This is every issue of the Nintendo Fan Club newsletter, all of Nintendo Power, all of Nintendo Force, and then a bunch of strategy guides and other such things down here they are. I got a full run of Atari age here. This is the the Nintendo official Players guides I'm missing. What is it? Not top secret codes. I'm missing the game Atlas. That's the one I'm missing besides all the game specific ones. But I was going for a set of just the non game specific, like the weird guides. And that's what. That's what I'm missing. I have to track that one down still. But this is cool because if you ever see on our social media on Tuesdays I do Hot tips, I just grab an issue of Nintendo Power, go to the classified information section and find whatever tips. I think I can fit into a Twitter character count, and that's where I get all those from. So let's let's move. Let's swing back around this way. Let's keep going. 

[00:14:35] We've got some board games over here, mostly family related stuff. But I do have these guys here. These are all of my videogame related board games all stuffed up here beside the Tetris one over there. But the Zelda and Centipede, Mario Brothers, Donkey Kong, Turbo is Jackson, Pac-Man, and then a couple of Monopoly sets. This really awesome Super Mario Brothers puzzle, which is super cool. That's awesome. And then we have over here, Why don't you Tetris puzzle get in my way. This is my arcade machine. So for my 40th birthday, my astonished Gamer podcast co-host Dan, as well as several of my friends, raised money to build. They got this X arcade stick here and then they built the cabinet from scratch. There's a computer in there that runs Main, and I have this arcade cabinet in my corner, which is super awesome and I love it to death. 

[00:15:26] So. All right, let's get to the first closet, because closet spaces are pretty neat. This one, again, I have work to do. So I move this society's got my, you know, my water heater and all that stuff in it. Go ahead and hit this light and you'll see that there are. Systems here. This is where I keep my excess game systems and a couple of big box accessories. Now I know there's pipes all over the place here and some pretty expensive stuff on these shelves. I am well aware of that. It is a work in progress. I need to get some sort of shielding just in case a pipe burst. I don't want this stuff to get ruined. This is. This is a temporary measure. I promise. I am aware of the risk here. I am working on it. I am working on it. But up here, if we come in here, we can see I got an odyssey up there. This is actually signed by Ralph Baer. And get this hyper King Square out of the way and I'll take it down. This is an honest to goodness one of my favorite things in my collection. I just don't have anywhere to properly display it yet. But there we go. Autographed by Ralph Baer. I got this at a convention that he was at ages and ages ago. I know that's not the specific one that he made or anything like that, but he was still super graceful to sign it. And he was a really nice guy. I don't have an original odyssey, otherwise I would have had to sign that. But let's see, that's full of gaming watch systems and tiger LCD games, a couple of boxed handhelds, more Gameboys and stuff, loose game boy, some new geo pockets and link systems and stuff. More N64 is lined up and the S's and I used to work at Funko and a long time ago, so shelves full of old broken systems are extremely installed for me. Most of these do work, but I'd say a good like 20% of them actually don't. And they're just waiting around to be repaired or sold off in some way, shape or form in the future. And down here we've got Sega stuff, a couple of Sega CDs and like a three turbo duo that I don't have the right power supply for. And we have more Sega stuff, a Jags CD, a couple Xboxes, a three yo over here is all the really older stuff like your channel if you're in televisions and clicker vision there and some more Atari related things, including my very first game system from when I was a kid. This is the Atari 2600 junior my parents bought for me at KB Toys when I was a kid as my very first game system. And then over here is another one of my favorite things. That is a tower of 32X systems. Back when I worked at Funco Land, people used to try to trade these in and we weren't allowed to take them. Mike stands for doing videos and stuff, and so they would just tell me to throw them out and so I would go right into my car and that's how I got a stack of 32 Xs. And there's a super scope hanging there for some reason. 

[00:18:15] Okay, let's see, we're going to save that closet for last because that's my favorite. We're going to move over to here. So you've probably seen if you've watched any of the videos, this is the setup for the end of the videos. This is where I do all my CRT gaming. I love my old Trina Tron. Love it to death. It's been it's seen better days for sure. This got this big dent on the side here from where I dropped it when we were trying to move it down to this basement. Because while we're all getting old and these TVs away a lot. So let's start at the top here. We've got this really cool artwork on the walls. Friend of mine got these for me at a comic convention and I got them framed because they're super cool looking. And then this was a Club Nintendo and yes, Donkey Kong thing that I also think looks great fits right behind the TV. Then we've got the shelf with all of the game systems on it. We got a virtual boy up top. This is my VCs joystick because I usually play the VCs with the regular controller, not the joystick, but whenever I need it, I just kind of grab it off here and then 2600 on display because, well, it's an awesome looking system and I love it. And then I kind of went for a pairing thing of like, there's a mass system to any top loader, you know, the redesigned ones because they fit on these shells better. This is a an IKEA kallax unit and they sell these glass shelves that you can just they have spacers for them, so you can put them perfectly in the center. And I thought that was a really good way to get more game systems on there because they each game system really does not need the full height. You know, the Gamecube cuts it really close, especially if you wanted to put a Gameboy player on it. But really everything else you're totally fine with. So I had a Super Nintendo, Saturn, N64, Dreamcast and Gamecube. I used my black ink over here, but I wanted to play in HD over on the other side of the room, and this one doesn't have the right ports on it. So the black ones over there throwing in the color scheme off this whole thing, but whatever. Then we got a three yo Jaguar PS2 Turbo Graphics and both of these bands are just filled with the various controllers for these systems then are behind the TV. I've got a wee hidden back there and then we've got an Xbox CDI, the original MASH system. Because if I'm going to play a master system, that one is purely decorative, like I just like that it matches next to the s. If I'm going to play MASH system, I'm going to do it on this because that's the only one that has the start up screen, which my favorite start of screen. Except maybe the PlayStation one. I love that one too, but I love the start of screen in the MASH system and of course, a VCR just in case. And that's just for plugs and stuff. So looping around the corner. 

[00:20:52] Oh, wait, I forgot to show these things. The system selectors. I got these off eBay, these little stickers, and they're just perfectly matched to, like, all the different systems. They even had one for the CDI. Or is it? There it is. They even had one for KDR and three Dio Turbo Graphics, so I can easily tell which button to press to line up which one of these systems. So. Oh yeah. Back over to here. I did a fun trick for the back of these that my friend Mike kind of taught me about. So the wires would normally show on something like this. So I went to the dollar store and I bought a poster board and I just velcroed it at the top here and just hung poster board down the back of it. And now that I from a distance, it looks nice. All right. And then we go over to this one. I do the same thing of a poster board on the back of this because you can see it's not fully finished on the back. So thank you. Poster board. 

[00:21:44] This guy here has all of my, you know, stuff on my boxed Gameboy and Gameboy Color. Gameboy Advance Virtual Boy this the for us virtual boy line up with a couple of repro boxes again cards and manuals are all official, but I'm not spending the money for an official Morris tennis box. I'm not that crazy. And same with Nestor's funky balling. I have the card out of the manual. I was not able to track down an original box, not for any kind of reasonable price anyway. And then we got DS and 3DS and some card games down here because I'm a loon. Yes, I do have the Zelda games today. 

[00:22:21] All right, now we get to the closet. This is one of my favorite things. I'll point out this X-Men poster I had when I was a kid that I got framed. And then these square painter images here, a square painter. Adam does a really, really awesome work, and I'd like to get a few more to kind of go all the way down around this corner. But, you know, I only have so much money with these guy. These things are awesome. I love them, and this is the rest of the stuff. So here's the famous stone age gamer hoodie that's where it stays. There's the only one in existence I know. There's a couple of people who like to comment that they'd like to buy that hoodie someday. And maybe someday they will. But anyway, here we go. Here's the closet. This is a lot of really cool stuff in it, too. So I got some collector's editions and box three video games, oversize box stuff like that, big box, create games, big box Gamecube and Super Nintendo over here. These two shelves here, this is a complete run of the Atari colored box games. So this is all the color box games that is missing. Fun with numbers. I do own that game, but it is currently on loan to Jeremy Parrish and Kevin Bunch who are using it to take pictures for a new Atari book. No, I don't know them personally. It was all a fun coincidence. I'm not trying to namedrop. It sounds super cool. I'm nowhere near as cool as those two guys. I'm just super proud that my game box is going to be in their book. So there's the rest of my Saturn games. Couple of legacy things. Some DVDs, the 32 X games, Genesis games, more stuff that just didn't fit on the shelves out there. Turbo Graphics. I don't have a very many Turbo Graphics games, but I have a few. And then we go over to this side and we have Rob chillin up there with a Who is that star? It's the growing. What's that game called? StarLink. I think the the switch game where you could it was worth it for the air wing alone I think is awesome. But anyway Activision stuff silver box games tell games some in television over here, my three gatefold games. I would love to have a gatefold set for a Atari 2600. But again, tourist for my blood. Maybe something in a couple of Famicom games over here. Just the ones. I don't have a disk system, but I always wanted to like collect these just original ones because I'm such a big fan of their history and these manuals are gorgeous on the inside, so that stuff's pretty cool. Extra Gamecube games. Sure. All my loose and games, mostly in alphabetical order. I built these shelves and I did a terrible job because I should have built them so that I could have the game standing on their side. But none of the shelves. I didn't measure them right. And none of them can fit two rows across like that. So that's the most space efficient way to do them. And yeah, goodjob me. And he goes over here in the corner. This is neat. 

[00:25:12] So I built these shelves right into the wall. I just kind of screwed them right in bit by bit so that I would have these little shelves to put all my Gameboy games and stuff on. So I have these are all my loose ones. I made these little labels on all of them. So there's the Game Boy advance ones. I bought these, got these cruddy little game cases on eBay, I think. And then I just use my label maker to label all of them. And I did the same thing for a game gear. All of these are old cases I just had for my Funko land days or whatever, but. Kengor stuff. This is I got a couple of games recently and I keep forgetting to make labels for them. But yeah, that's where those are. And then Super Nintendo lose games, go down here and then lose N64 games down on the bottom. And over on this side we have my loose Atari games including Shoot Rocks and a really cool old Pac-Man plush. But yeah, these are all my loose Atari Tristar Games, pretty much just organized by label, which is fun. And then underneath them we go down to VHS tapes, including my Star Wars tapes, and I have sort of Captain N and all those promotional things like the Donkey Kong country and the Yoshi's Island and of course coming out of their Shells tour. Who could what collection would be complete without that? And then back here, we've got a bunch of bins for random stuff, really boxed accessories, links, games, things that I don't really have room for anywhere else. Bunch of paperwork is filed back there. Stuff that I get from storage games or to make videos out of the keep in there. And then we move over here and we've got Dreamcast games up here. I don't have nearly enough Dreamcast games. I should have more Dreamcast games than we have the master system stuff safely hidden in the closet where people can't see how ugly they are. I love master system. I do. I just the these games. There's no way to make these look good. They just don't look good. I got PSP and another of PS2 stuff. I have so many PlayStation two games it's ridiculous. And I have one of these giant bins. There's another one behind these. That's almost all. It's like half full of PS2 two games that I have a very little interest in even keeping at this point. Just I inherited a big collection from a couple of friends and they're mostly just worthless sports games and stuff, but I have way more PS2 games than I think I should. But anyways. And then I got these pearler things that I put together here. I love doing pearler beads. I don't do it as often as I would like, but I put these together. I think they're pretty neat and that is pretty much it. I've got my rubber chicken with the pulley in the middle right here, as anyone should have. I got Donkey Kong hanging out there and that pretty much wraps it up. That is the game room tour. That is what my office slash game room looks like. 

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