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Remute Console Albums Overview

Remute Console Albums Overview

Kris Randazzo
7 minute read

Do you like the way your video game consoles sound? Well, chiptune artist Remute has created a series of music albums that play on original game console hardware! From Game Boy Advance to Dreamcast and beyond, here's a look at a few of Remute's albums that we carry at Stone Age Gamer.

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Transcript of the video: 

Hi, everyone. Kris from Stone Age gamer here. Now, a while back, I did a video on the limited edition Stone Age gamer exclusive Technoptimistic, which was a music album for the Sega Genesis by the Artist Remute. Now, that was a super cool thing that we did, but since that album's come out, reviewed has actually released a ton of other albums for the Super Nintendo or The Game Boy Advance all manner of stuff. So we thought it would be pretty fun to take a look at some of the other Remute albums available now at Stone Age Gamer dot com. Let's take a look. 

[00:00:36] Okay, this one here is Technoptimistic for the Sega Genesis. Now we've already done a whole video on this one, so we're not going to go in too in-depth here. I just want to show this off a little bit. In the interest of, you know, showing everything at the same time. This is a this is actually the collector's edition cart. This is an exclusive at stone age gamer that looks just like this comes with a bunch of other cool stuff. We'll have a link to our video breakdown of the full special edition of Technoptimistic down in the description here. But, you know, real quick, let's go ahead and hit start. This one's especially cool because this has it has all these tracks on it but it also has a bonus video, which is really wild. Check this thing out. And this is all just running on a regular Sega Genesis. There's nothing fancy going on here. You just made this all work on a Genesis card, which is pretty flippin cool. How do you say so myself?

[00:01:42] All right. Now this one here is our 64, which is, you guessed it, for the Nintendo 64. So the cool polygonal R 64 rotating there as any good N64 game would have. Let's go ahead and explore this that that crunchy sound that's supposed to be there, the static and stuff where it occasionally out on the screen, that's all supposed to be there. All right so let's see what we got. Presto. No, no, He's fading away. Come back. All right, We got some some flashy aremu. Hey, whoa, listen to that. So we've got some some controls going on on the bottom screen here. Things are shaking around. It looks like we just jumped right into the album itself. Let's see if we push some buttons. What happens? Oh, I can make the screen flash different colors by pressing different buttons here. Oh, they all. And our buttons get rather different track names. Superposition when a thought becomes a weapon. Oh, man, I want to go with you as well. That's. There you go. It's got this cool visualizer, and you can do all these weird effects by jamming the different buttons and stuff on the controller and things around. And then that's that's pretty cool. And that is our 64. Let's see what we got next act. 

[00:03:01] Okay, This one here is called Remute Generations. This is what it looks like and it's for the Dreamcast. So obviously this has a more CD quality sound than, say, the Super Nintendo or the Sega Genesis ones. But here it is. It's even got a little functionality for The View there. So go ahead and push a button and let's see, see what this guy does. Look at that. So it looks like we're just going left and right with the d-pad or the analog stick here to switch switch different tracks and read a lot of the short of it. Yeah, it's track has its own fancy little visualizer thing going on there, which is pretty wild. Really good sound quality. You know, Hey, there's another cool one. Let's see. Let's see what we've got next. 

[00:03:56] All right, What have we here? We have a new album for video one. No, we don't have an album for video one. We have renewed unity for Game Boy Advance. Check this out. He's got one for the Game Boy Advance. Let's go ahead and hit start and see what got cookin here. Look at that. Got 15 tracks of goodness here. Now, this is definitely something you're going to want some headphones for us, if I can find a louder track. Okay, let's see. They've got select screens like song. We've got some some fun controls there. Hey, guys, a little louder. Pretty cool. Yeah, this is definitely one that you're going to want some headphones for, but it's pretty wild. That is Unity for Game Boy Advance. Make sure you've gotten one of those headphone adapters for the SP, right? Because the SP, that thing was that you had to play it through the power surge, power charging cable input. Of course, you could also run this on a Gameboy player if you got a game. Would play a fair game here, which I did not have one hooked up right now, but you could totally do that if you wanted to. All right, I got one more. Let's let's take a look at what's next. 

[00:05:03] All right. The last one we're going to take a look at today is electronic lifestyle for the Turbo Graphics 16. Yeah, he made one just for Turbo graphics. So let's see what got cook in here. I'll push run, boom. Jumps right into things. We got a cool little monk dancing up and down there in the corner. And then we've got all your track names just down here. Sounds like a turbo graphics chips today. Let's see what semiconductor sound like. I got turbo pushed on you. Yeah. Make sure you turn your turbo off. Otherwise you get you got this all down, Turbo. Just keep starting the track and I have it. And that is a removed electronic lifestyle for Turbo Grafx 16 and for a whole bunch of other apps for other platforms. And, well, it's freaking cool, man. 

[00:06:06] All of these albums from renewed plus others are available now and starting each game recom. So if you want to listen to some pretty cool music that you can only properly hear through original video gaming hardware, this is a great way to do it. Thanks for watching everybody. If you like what you saw here today, please follow content like subscribe, share and let us know down in the comments. Which review albums are your favorite or are there any game consoles out there that you think he should try to make to tune out this for? I would personally love to see him making an exclusive album for the guitarist supervision, but I might just be alone on that one. We'll see. Thanks again for watching, everybody. On behalf of all of us here at Storage Gamer, keep playing games. 

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