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SAG Podcast 500th Episode Extravaganza!

SAG Podcast 500th Episode Extravaganza!

Kris Randazzo
2 minute read

Holy cow, there's 500 of these dumb things? 

Show Notes

It’s the 500th episode of the Stone Age Gamer Podcast! Dan and Kris celebrate this milestone by joining up with previous co-hosts Mike Sheridan and Dean DeFalco as well as special guest Intrepid Editor Evan to talk about, well, 5 hours of nonsense really. The main event though was a series of Top 5 lists. Each person selected a different video game platform and created their personal lists of the top games on each. The audience also got in on the fun by sending in audio submissions, questions, and their very own top 5 lists. Strap yourselves in, because this is a looooooooong one. There was also a ceremonial passing of the torch regarding the show’s content warning, and Kris re-recorded the show’s theme song with a kazoo. Enjoy!

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