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SAG Podcast 487: Stone Age Starter Kit - PlayStation 4

SAG Podcast 487: Stone Age Starter Kit - PlayStation 4

Kris Randazzo
2 minute read

Show Notes

The Starter Kits are almost over! With the PlayStation 4, we’ve made it to the penultimate chapter in our multi-year Starter Kit escapade. So once again, we pose the question, if you had just $100 to start a physical PlayStation 4 collection, which games should you get? Assuming you had whatever peripherals required to okay said games, based on Price Charting North American listings. IS this the best way to actually start a PS4 collection? Absolutely not! But it makes for a fun conversation. PS4 was a weird category because which games will our heroes choose? Which classics will fall by the wayside? Let’s find out! 

At the top of the show, Dan spent some more time with Star Wars: Jedi Survivor, and well, it certainly is a Star Wars game! He also has a lot of words to say about the current state of Marvel Snap and its various workings compared to the love of his life, PAD. Kris, on the other hand, had very little gaming time this week, and has dedicated what little he had to both A Hat in Time for next week’s show, and the ever wonderful Super Mario Bros. Wonder. What did they spend the rest of their time talking about? Listen on!

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