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SAG Episode 284: Isosceles Triangle Head

SAG Episode 284: Isosceles Triangle Head

Kris Randazzo
1 minute read

December 10 20 30 comes early

Show Notes

Dan and Kris hit up the 10 20 30 a little early this month, discussing the biggest releases of December 2009, 1999, and 1989. It was a killer month for NES and PlayStation owners, but the paltry releases for the Dreamcast and Nintendo 64 go to show just how weak their lineups got back in the day.

At the top of the show, a listener helped finish off our Holiday Buyers Guides by providing one for the Xbox One. He even taught Dan and Kris a little about Game Pass that they didn't know before. The guys also talked about the surprise MLB deal, more Katana ZERO impressions, Nintendo's Indie Showcase, and more!

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