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SAG Episode 278: Printer is Offline

SAG Episode 278: Printer is Offline

Kris Randazzo
2 minute read

MS DOS is still awesome.

Show Notes

For this episode's feature topic, following the news that a couple thousand DOS games had been added to the internet archive, Dan and Kris spent some time with some of their old favorites. Dan goes in-depth on the original King's Quest and why even though it isn't the prettiest game in the world, it's still worth playing. 

Kris also chose a Sierra classic in the form of the immensely clever puzzler The Incredible Machine. How does it hold up today, and do his kids like it as much as he did? Spoiler: Great, and absolutely.

In the top half of the show, Dan gives us another detailed update on what's going on in the world of Puzzle and Dragons, including his impressions of the Power Rangers collab that hit the US version of the game. Then breaks the news that PlayStation Vue is going bye bye.

Meanwhile, Kris is struggling to make it through a particularly boring section in Final Fantasy VII, and looks through his backlog to see if there's something else he should be spending his time with, or fi he should press on and finally finish the game as he promised he'd do. What will he choose?

There's also a shocking amount of discussion about the joys of owning home appliances. So we hope you like refrigerators. 

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