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Retro HQ Jaguar GameDrive Overview

Retro HQ Jaguar GameDrive Overview

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The Jaguar GameDrive from Retro HQ is the ultimate accessory for your Atari Jaguar. Have. you ever wanted to contain your entire collection in a single cartridge? Well now you can! The Jaguar GameDrive Flash Cart is fully compatible with the Jaguar library, and even allows you to play Homebrew games on original hardware on your Television. How does it work? Let's take a look. 

Jaguar GameDrive

Jaguar GameDrive


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RetroHQ Jaguar GameDrive Snap Lock Case - Retro Frog

RetroHQ Jaguar GameDrive Snap Lock Case - Retro Frog


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Transcript of the video:

Hi there. Kris from Stone Age Gamer here. Now, chances are if you own an Atari Jaguar, you've taken a look at your shelf recently and thought these games are getting very expensive. Maybe I shouldn't be taking them on and off the shelf quite as often as I do. Wouldn't it be great if there was something out there that would allow you to play your entire Jaguar catalog, Homebrew included, on a single cartridge? Well, there is! It's this. This is the Jaguar GameDrive from Retro HQ. It's available at Stone Age Gamer. Let's take a look. 

[00:00:35] Okay, Let's take a closer look at the Jaguar game drive from Retro HQ. What you're looking at here is the deluxe edition case that we offer on our site. It's one of our bit boxes that's been modified to fit the Jaguar GameDrive. And let's take a look on the outside here. You got your logo. You've got the looks real nice on your shelf. It's got some basic information across the back. And we cracked this open on the inside. We've got the cartridge itself, which looks real nice. Here comes with this little foam bit here on the bottom to keep everything from sliding around. Over here on the side, you've got some basic information. You've got Stone Age gamer websites and stuff for troubleshooting flashcards. Some basic info there. You've got retro SKUs, official instruction manual, complete with QR codes to help you get sussed out If anything is going wrong and you can't figure out what to do with your system, then you've got a couple of stickers because we like to put stickers on things. Stickers are great. 

[00:01:28] So let's take a closer look at the cartridge itself. This is the Jaguar Game drive. Now, in case you're unfamiliar with the the concept, this is a flash kart. And what it does is it allows you to play your legally obtained personal backups of your games on a single cartridge. So you want to keep taking your collection off to on and off the wall and and taking your cartridges inside, in and out of their boxes, which are either flimsy cardboard boxes. You know, it's a convenience thing. And it's really it's really quite nice. It handles it with ease and it also works for home brewers. The vast majority of homebrew games for the Atari Jaguar can be played on a game drive, so you can load them into this thing as long as you legally own them, load them up and then you can play. Your Jaguar Homebrew is on original hardware, which is extraordinarily cool, and you do that by loading your stuff onto a micro SD card, your here games, your get your game files, get loaded onto the micro SD card and they go right into the top here and that is pretty much it. Once the SD card is in there, this will just run those games as if they were an original cartridge inside your system and will run it. No emulation necessary. Just runs the games, which is pretty awesome. You can see that it is shaped a little bit differently from your standard jaguar card. Here's my Bubsy cart, which looks like it was chewed on by a bobcat. That's interesting. And you can see that it's a it's the same size down on the bottom. So it fits in your system exactly as an old Jaguar cart would. It's just a bit less ornate because, well, who really needs all this wacky stuff? The curvature on the back of these things was completely unnecessary. Who knew? So, yeah, that's that's a comparison right between these two. 

[00:03:10] Now, we looked at the deluxe edition case earlier, but you also have the option to pick up one of these. This is the clip case from Retro Frog. This is a 3D printed case. It has the logo printed right there on it. In it, actually, I believe the filament is actually red in these in these areas. I can't say I know enough about 3D printing to really explain the science of it, but that's like that's not painted on. That's, that's the color of this thing. So this is a real nice snug fit. All you got to do is make sure you have the the sharp corners here, the rounded corners at the top, because this thing is fit perfectly in there. And there you go. Nice little clip case. It's a hard case and it'll keep this thing nice and protected. If you're looking for something a bit smaller and a little bit less ornate to go on your shelves or to keep your game drive and keep it safe, this isn't a fantastic option. So I guess the only question now is to see this thing in action, huh? So why don't we go take a look? 

[00:04:07] Okay, So here we have the main menu up here. I've got my Jaguar controller. The system's running right down there, the red light on it. And so this is the file as I just dropped. Literally drop the folder into the SD card, did no other formatting, but there's other formatting things you can do to customize things like pictures and stuff like that. But we're just going to keep things pretty simple here. I'm going to go ahead and choose Switchblade. Let's choose Switchblade. This is a newer I'm not sure what Split Switchblade is because it's licensed by PICO Interactive, so it's one of the free games that you get with via the game drive when you buy it. It's Tony's gamer. You can see it. Just loads of the ROM. Let me go right to the Jaguar start up screen. And there's the Jaguar Cube. All right. So here we are. We are playing Switchblade, and then we go ahead and move my character around. You see, it just works exactly like it would if you were playing it on Cartridge to get that guy. This is such a strange game. You get you know, it's it's an up to jump kind of thing. And your different moves are done by like holding down the attack. But these are your regular ones. It's this punch. So I suppose I can hit this guy from here. But then these other guys, I got to, like, charge it up so I can do whole down. I missed all my timings off. There we go. Got him. There you go. You just plug it in. You play Jaguar games. That's really all there is to it. And that is it. That's the Jaguar GameDrive in action. 

[00:05:41] The Jaguar game drive from Retro HQ is available now at Stone Age Gamer, so you can play your entire Jaguar catalog, most homebrew included, on original hardware with this single cartridge. It's pretty neat. Thanks for watching everybody. If you liked what you saw here today, please follow, comment, like, subscribe, share, and let us know down in the comments which Jaguar games are you going to play first and why are they Flip Out and Bubsy? Because what defines that system more than Flip Out and Bubsy? I'm just kidding. There's tons of great Jaguar games and Flip Out is one of them. Don't pass on that game. It's genuinely fun. Thanks again, everybody. On behalf of all of us here at Stone Age Gamer, keep playing games.

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