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Pre-Modded Game Boy EverDrive System Bundles Overview

Pre-Modded Game Boy EverDrive System Bundles Overview

Kris Randazzo
7 minute read

Did you know Stone Age Gamer does system mods? Well, we do! And sometimes, we even bundle them with other products, like these. Today we'll take a look at a couple of examples of our Game Boy mod bundles, what's included, and why we like them.

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Transcript of the video:

Let's talk about console mods. You know, when you take an old system that's designed to do one thing and you crack it open, mess around with its innards and make it to another thing entirely, it's it's pretty fun and exciting. Well, we do those here. We've got some people who work for us, do some really fine work. And on top of that, once we're done doing them, sometimes we put them together in bundle packs! I've got a couple of Game Boy related mod packs that come with EverDrives that I thought would be really cool to take a closer look at. So let's do exactly that and take a look.

All right. Let's take a look at a couple of these things. This is the the EverDrive system pack GB. And this is you can see the box is kind of modeled after the original Game Boy. Look, we got this cool little bitty on the back here that shows you all of the the information, all the stuff that you're going to get inside of it, more or less. Your EverDrive, system, memory card with free games, and all that business. And yes, in case you're wondering, this is a repurposed BitBox for a Neo Geo game, and that's something.

But anyway, inside you get this wonderful situation here. Look at that. You got your instruction manual for your EverDrive up there, and then we've got an original Game Boy here that's been modified and an Everrive GB X7.

So let's take a quick look at how this thing works. We pull this out here. You can see it's nice and cleaned up. It's very pretty looking. And we, you know, we make our systems look rather nice when we modify them. It's kind of part of the process there. We'll go ahead and plop this in there and you can see that it's got a shiny new screen. I have it set to the the creamed spinach green color because, you know, I'm a big fan of that because that's how the original Game Boy looked. But, oh, it's cool.

You can so this this contrast one thing on the side here, it'll change the brightness if you mess around with it, which is pretty nice. Or you can press it like a button and you can change the colors of the screen. How cool is that? So let's go with bright red, huh? That seems fun. Let's go to the the game pak that comes with the system and I'll crack open Bubble Ghost here. I like this game. This game is pretty neat.

Well, you don't need to spend all day playing Bubble Ghost here, although I could. I rather like this game. But let's see what else we got. All right, let's go. Let's turn this guy off. You get your volume and all that jazz. It still works just like a regular game boy still takes AA batteries in this particular mod, though. I believe there are battery mods out there and stuff for for the Game Boy. Like I said, I didn't say it, but I should say that any kind of mod that you can think of that you might want, this is just an idea of some of the prepackaged ones that we have. But if there's a system that you have that you want modified, let us know and we can mess with it.

So let's see what else we got here. This is another Game Boy mod and this is for a Game Boy Color, this fancy little guy. Again, you get your instruction manual up there. Here's a nice looking Game Boy Color. You can see on this one, we replaced the D pad and the buttons. So they are multicolored. It's kind of a neat little seafoam green shell there. And we'll throw in our EverDrive GB.

It's got this bright, pretty screen, backlit and everything. No Worm Light is necessary for this guy. And let's go ahead and let's kick up Super Hunchback. Who doesn't love Super Hunchback? Who doesn't love an 8-bit Game Boy rendition of Putting on the Ritz? I don't know how well you can hear that I'm going to hold up to the mic. That's really special, isn't it? So, yeah, it's a Game Boy Color doing it's Game Boy Color thing. You can play Hunchback in Beautiful Bright Glory. Super Hunchback, I mean. And that's something.

So anyways, let's put this one back in here and we'll take a look at one more of these these super cool Game Boy sets that we have. And that would be for a Game Boy Advance. Look at this one. Who doesn't love Game Boy Advance? And this one comes with the EverDrive GBA, which is really snazzy. And I like this awesome ice blue unit here. It just I love the Game Boy Advance. I love the feel of the system and everything. And now, just like the other ones, it has a nice, cool backlit screen to make it feel like you're not playing something from ages ago. You can actually see it with your eyes. So like something like Castlevania Circle of the Moon looks pretty OK on here.

Let's see here. Let's go ahead and put on a Racing Fever. This is a Game Boy Advance one because the ROM pack that comes with the EverDrive has a bunch of, you know, a couple of GBA ones and, you know, regular Game Boy ones because the Game Boy Advance was backwards compatible. So you can load that sucker up with all those all those fancy, fancy things from back in the day. But you can see it's, you know, very nice looking, very nice, crisp clean screen over that car. Car. Yeah.

So I'm still playing this game because it's it's pretty fun, I guess you could say I have racing fever. But anyway, that's a that's kind of the long and short of it on just these these things.

These are just an example of the kind of things that we can do and will happily do to old Gameboy systems or, you know, you want a new screen, your Game Gear, you want your Atari Lynx to, I don't know, smell like daffodils? I don't know if we can do that. Maybe we can. Am I putting words into our modders mouths? Who knows? Either way, you know, we do all manner of system mods and that's kind of the point here. And well, isn't it just great to take a take something from the old days, make it look like new ?

Console mod bundles, some including EverDrives, some including rubber chickens? I don't know. We don't really have many rubber chickens, but who knows what the future holds for Stone Age Gamer? Console mods are available now at and if you've got ideas for console mods, let us know. We'll look into it, see what we can do for you, because we do all kinds of stuff. Or I say we it's really the people who work back at the place where they do the modding that are way smarter than I am. They're the ones that will handle the console mods for you and they'll do all kinds of fun stuff.

If you enjoyed what you saw here today, please comment, like, subscribe, tell your friends, tell your grandmother, or tell your socks, whatever. We love to hear from everybody. So comments are always welcome and appreciated. Thanks again for watching. On behalf of everyone here at Stone Age Gamer, keep playing games.

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