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NEW! Pre-order Batching with Customer Notifications

NEW! Pre-order Batching with Customer Notifications

Ryan Cross
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Stay Up-to-date with Your Pre-order

What is the status of my order? Where is my pre-order? When will my order ship?

These are questions we are getting more and more thanks to longer pre-order wait times caused by the current part shortages and other logistical issues related to the Covid-19 pandemic. While we try to answer these questions quickly and to the best of our ability, we also understand customers frustration regarding pre-orders, especially pre-orders that may take months to be filled.

We have begun to implement a new system that allows for much greater transparency.

When a customer pre-orders an item that's in our new system, they will be assigned to a "batch" that our system determines will most likely be arriving the soonest, and still has open slots available.

Customers will receive an initial e-mail after placing their order alerting them of which batch they were assigned to for any pre-ordered products, as well as its current status, ETA, last confirmation, and if there are any notes that have been added by our staff.

The customer will then receive e-mail updates anytime the status, ETA, or notes have changed regarding that batch.

Not only will you have access to the current status, ETA, and notes of your pre-ordered items, but you will also see when the last time a staff member confirmed the status, even if that status hasn't changed. Customers will not receive e-mails every time a batch status is confirmed, only if the status, ETA, or notes have changed.

Once a batch is received by Stone Age Gamer, we will then issue one last e-mail update letting the customer know it was received and we will begin filling orders. This batch will then be removed from the list.

Pre-order Batch Status Page

Along with e-mail updates, we also have a status page that can be found HERE. This shows all current batches that we have not received and what their status, ETA, availability, and notes (if any) are. You can also search for a specific batch by putting in a batch number at the top of the page.


Q: What is a batch?

A: A batch effectively refers to an order or series of orders that we've placed from our various distributors/manufacturers. We group those orders together as "batches" and use that information to fill customer orders as quickly and accurately as we can.

Q: Will this help make ETAs more accurate?

A: Unfortunately this system will not help make ETAs more accurate. There are too many variables with giving accurate ETAs and this is why many of our ETA windows are pretty large to start and get more accurate the closer we get to receiving the products. 

Q: I currently have a pre-order, will I begin to receive updates?

A: Unfortunately all pre-orders before July 15, 2021 will not be subject to this new system and will not receive updates, nor will be assigned to a batch. This new system will only apply to pre-orders made after July 14th, 2021.

Q: Is there any way to see what pre-order batch I will be a part of before placing my order?

A: Yes, under the PRE-ORDER notice of the product's page there is a notice stating which batch this product pre-order is currently part of. You can click on the LEARN MORE link to get more information regarding this pre-order like what percentage of this batch is still available. See Fig. 1.

Fig. 1

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out through any of our contact channels. 

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