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MegaBat800 GBA SP High Capacity Battery Overview

MegaBat800 GBA SP High Capacity Battery Overview

Kris Randazzo
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The Game Boy Advance SP may be one of the finest handhelds ever built, so why not give it a battery that lets you play even longer? The MegaBat800 Game Boy Advance SP High Capacity Battery from HelderTech does exactly that! Here's a closer look.

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Let's talk about the Game Boy Advance SP Most people consider this to be one of the best handheld designs ever created and who's to argue? This thing's wonderful, but wouldn't it be better if it had a battery that lasted FOREVER? OK, forever's a bit of an overstatement, but wouldn't it be better if it had a battery that lasted A REALLY LONG TIME? Well, say hello to the MegaBat800, a battery that lasts a really long time. Let's take a look. 

OK, here we are, this is the MegaBat800 for Game Boy Advance SP copyright Helder 2020. All rights reserved. And it is a battery. There's not a whole lot to say about it. Physically, it's rectangular. It's black, it fits in a Game Boy Advance SP and it lasts a really long time. That's kind of all there is to it. So let's take a look at what it's like putting this in to a Game Boy Advance SP.

This is my launch day unit, if memory serves. As you can see, it's been through... it's seen some stuff in its lifetime. We're currently rocking a copy of a Contra: The Alien Wars EX in here, Contra Advance: The Alien Wars EX. I love long titles like that. And we're going to go ahead and replace this battery. You can't really tell from the outside here, but my battery is starting to explode. It's been having some hard times charging and there's a little bit of a bump going on here, so there's no better time to replace it with one of these. 

So we're going to go ahead and take my trusty screwdriver here. We're going to unscrew this guy right here. And this isn't a security screw. It's just a regular tiny little Phillips head screw. And there is my battery. And you can see it's already puffing out. It's already coming out here. So it's a little bit easier to tell from here. It's got this this little, it's getting a little round, getting a little pudgy, just like me. And, yeah, this... this ain't great. So we're going to go ahead and replace that with this. And as you can see, this one has these two little teeth on top here, and those are to help keep it in place, except they're really necessary. This one doesn't have those. But in case you have a a different model of Game Boy Advance SP like this, the original one, this will fit in here just fine. And the battery cover will keep it in place. No problems. However, there might be some slight variations in some of the newer models or if you're using a custom shell or something to that degree. So we send it with this 3D printed shim to hold it in place if you plug the sucker in and it doesn't do the trick. 

But for now, we're going to go ahead and insert this like so. Now I'll just put our battery cover back in place. We're going to turn it on and see what happens. And if I did this right it'll just turn on because it's a battery. How complicated can it be? And look at that. It works like new. So now the real thing, the real test is how long does this last? Well, it lasts a very, very long time. This is fully charged. So we are going to turn on our control game here and we're just going to let this sit for as long as it takes and we will check back when it is done. 

Well, it's been about eight hours. And as you can see, we're still going. I mean, I haven't been playing this all the time, but it's been running with the screen light on and the volume turned all the way up for eight hours. And we still have a charge. So obviously, depending on what model of system you have, you're probably going to get different mileage out of it. If your Game Boy Advance SP has been modded to shoot lasers out of it, it'll probably get less of a battery life. Maybe if you have a super crazy backlight or something to that degree, you know, different times are going to vary depending on, you know, different games take different amount of amounts of electricity. So it all depends. But either way, this is a very impressive charge for a Game Boy Advance SP and well, I like it. 

The MegaBat800 from Helder is available now at Stone Age Gamer. Thanks for watching, everybody. If you enjoyed what you saw here today, please comment like and subscribe. Let us know how long your MegaBat800 lasted. Let us know if your Game Boy Advance SP battery is exploding. Let us know what your favorite Game Boy Advance games are to play for long periods of time because we to hear from you. Thanks again, everybody. On behalf of all of us here at Stone age Gamer, keep playing games. 

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