MegaBat800 Game Boy Advance SP High Capacity Battery

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MegaBat800 Game Boy Advance SP High Capacity Battery

Custom made battery for the Game Boy Advance SP with a true and tested capacity of 800mAh for extra hours of play time in comparison to the old and failing OEM batteries and the many clones with less than 600mAh that they claim.


The battery does not have the 2 plastic teeth that the stock battery has but this is not an issue at all with the battery as it fits snugly in the battery compartment and the pressure of the spring contacts and the cover help it stay in place just fine with the AGS-001 GBA SP. The AGS-101 SP and After Market Shells might need a shim to make better contact, we will include a shim with the battery but you can also 3Dprint your own using the file below.


15 Reviews

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    Capacity of the Battery

    Posted by Francis on Jul 21st 2022

    I'm surprised that this battery can go last until it is recharged. I actually timed it to see how long it lasts using my GBA SP AGS-101. Without the brighter mode, it lasted for about 13 hours without recharging. (Note: This was just one trial.)
    This battery also fits in to your GBA SP with no problem. Some other batteries seem to be bulky that it really doesn't look like they can fit in, but this one is very easy to install it. I recommend this product.

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    Fit into my AGS-101 w/ included shim.

    Posted by Brendan on Jul 7th 2022

    The battery works great and fit really well into my AGS-101 with the 3d printed shim included with the battery. Highly recommend.

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    Whoa baby!

    Posted by CheckMate0289 on May 20th 2022

    Alright first of all I'm glad you found out about this battery like I did because it is without a doubt the best upgraded battery you're gonna find out there. I bought a Custom built GBA SP with a IPS v2 screen (battery hog) and I use an Everdrive X5 Mini from Stoneagegamer (also a potential battery hog). The battery the eBayer shipped it with was the famous long lasting 850mah green battery you can find on Amazon known as the BT-GH188 which is a fantastic battery and probably the best one on Amazon (no sadly not the CameronSino 900mah I tried that one already) I was getting through my work shift (8 hours) with it turning Red/Orange early into my shift and lasting the longest on that color. I'd get maybe an hour of Green/Yellow (whatever it is) and then staying that Red/Orange for a long time until it died. This battery...whoa. It stays Green/Yellow the entire 8 hours almost. Of course I don't touch the brightness. Whatever it's on when I flick it in that's where I leave it even though there's two levels after it. Telling you, whatever you have in your GBA SP right now, this is better. For the same price, you'd be stupid to not buy this.

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    One Of My favorite GBA SP Upgrades

    Posted by Travis Nellor on Mar 31st 2022

    I love upgrading retro portable battery capacity. GBA SP already has great playtime per charge. But if you want EVEN MORE, or simply replace a run down stock battery, get this upgrade. It only took me a few minutes to swap it in.

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    Great OEM Battery Replacement

    Posted by Tayler on Jan 8th 2022

    This is a great replacement battery for the GBA SP it fits my 101 model perfectly with the included adapter piece. The battery has not swollen like some of the cheap replacement batteries can. The charge also is holding up even after a few days of casual use. Over all I would highly recommend this battery.

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    Great replacement battery

    Posted by Kevin W. on Nov 17th 2021

    Works way better than the green Chinese ones (note, did not buy the old-school battery available here on SAG, but they looked very similar). Bought 2 of those, the first one lasted about 4 hours, but the warning light would stay on for about half that time. The 2nd one only lasted about 2 and a half hours with the light coming on for the last 20 minutes.

    This thing lasts about 9 hours on my AGS 101 with an Everdrive.

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    An Excellent battery for GBA AGS-101

    Posted by Julio César on Sep 10th 2021

    I've decided to order this battery to revive my GBA AGS-101, I'm from México and it came in 2 days, super fast, this product includes a 3d printed shim that fits perfectly into the battery slot, some friends wants to order this battery too and they're waiting a restock, completely recommended.

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    MegaBat800 High Capacity Battery is "highly" recommended.

    Posted by Tony B on Sep 4th 2021

    Easy to install battery and takes about 3 hours to charge. It can easily last past 8 hours depending on your volume and light settings. Great price and great product.

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    Game Boy Advance SP Battery

    Posted by Terence Tan on Aug 21st 2021

    Technically the battery is great. Much Better than the ones you can buy from AliExpress. I've left the console for a week and it is still holding a charge. The other ones are barely able to function. The battery does need spacer to push the battery up to the leads though and it is a little 'flimsy' with the wrapping around the battery coming apart. While it doesn't effect the functionality, it doesn't inspire confidence in the build quality.