60 to 72 Pin Adapter for Famicom to NES - Hyperkin

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60 to 72 Pin Adapter for Famicom to NES - Hyperkin

Bypass the region lock and play all of your favorite Famicom games with the Hyperkin 60 to 72 Pin Adapter for Famicom to NES. Simply place your favorite Famicom cartridge into the adapter and insert the adapter in your NES console or NES-compatible console. The adapter is compatible with multiple console region variants. If you are not using a North American NES and the game does not start when you press the power button, press the reset button 4-8 times until the game plays. Removal is easy for any iteration of the NES console! For top loaders, remove the adapter by gently pulling at the base of the adapter. For front loaders, pull the attached pull ribbon for removal. Take a journey through the Japanese classics on your favorite NES console!

3 Reviews

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    Works great!

    Posted by E. Donovan on Jul 11th 2022

    The device does exactly what it says it does: lets me play Famicom games on my NES console. I haven't had any issues getting it to work on my top-loading system.

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    Posted by Simon Graveline on Apr 25th 2021

    Don't bother looking out for old crummy adaptor. This one is great.

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    As advertised

    Posted by sagehero on Sep 25th 2019

    Worked perfectly fine with my JP cart of Rockman 4 on a front-loading NES. No issues so far. If you are having trouble, make sure both the adapter and the cart are facing the right direction, there is a specific direction each of them needs to face.