Super 64 HD Adapter for Nintendo 64 - EON

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Super 64 HD Adapter for Nintendo 64 - EON

*The Super64 is for North American NTSC and Japanese NTSC-J consoles only. This will not work with PAL consoles.

EON Super 64 plug-and-play HDMI adapter for the Nintendo 64 is the latest product in the EON catalog of HDMI plug and play adapters.

This patent pending design is the first adapter of its kind to offer a complete plug-and-play solution intended for use with the original Nintendo 64 console (NTSC, NTSC-J).

The Super 64 delivers a clean 480p zero lag image over HDMI without the need for external power.

Additionally the Super 64 features a new “Slick Mode” button that when activated buffs out hard pixelated edges, giving an all-new look to our favorite N64 games.

Designed with aesthetics in mind, the Super 64 is visually consistent with the original N64 console so that when seated, it feels and looks right at home.

The Super 64 also comes in a custom designed box that faithfully represents the original console.

Enjoy playing all of your original N64 games, on your original N64 hardware, with the only adapter whose form is as beautiful as its function.


  • The Super 64 is a plug-and-play HDMI adapter for the Nintendo 64
  • No mods Required
  • Provides the best visual signal possible on original hardware
    • Pulls N64 S-video and scales to 480p
    • Custom tuned colors and audio to create the most true-to-form N64 experience
  • Lagless input – controller inputs appear on screen instantly
  • Custom designed plug to match original N64 aesthetic
  • Utilizes standard HDMI
  • “Slick Mode” feature produces a more polished image

Product Includes:

  • EON Super 64
  • Stylized custom packaging



10 Reviews

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    Quality Product

    Posted by Dustin on Sep 24th 2020

    Picture quality is as good as it gets. It's easy to set up, just plug-and-play. It requires no external power to operate and blends in nicely with the console. The one negative thing is that this is an expensive item. It would be perfect if it were more affordable... but it is a niche market, so we get what we get. If you want to get the most out of your N64 but have no interest in having it modified, this item is exactly what you need.