Replacement Controller Joystick for N64 (GameCube Style) - RepairBox 2001 Edition

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Replacement Controller Joystick for N64 (GameCube Style) - RepairBox 2001 Edition

The RepairBox N64 Replacement Joystick (GameCube Style) replaces your damaged or old joystick on your original Nintendo 64 controller. Compatible with any official Nintendo 64 controller, the RepairBox N64 Replacement Joystick (GameCube Style) is the most economical and ideal joystick repair solution for all of your N64 controllers.

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    Works pretty good. Feels like a real gamecube stick.

    Posted by Joshua Mckittrick on Jan 31st 2021

    This works good and feels really nice. It feels like a real gamecube stick. I like it. Its a very unique experience. This would be good for Smash Bros players, but its not very good for games with precise movement like Mario 64 or Golden Eye. It works fine, its easy to install, and its better than most replacement sticks, but its not as good as the original OEM sticks. Nothing beats those. I recommend fixing your original N64 stick instead of buying this. They sell replacement stick gears on Ebay that are easy to install, and they make your controller work good as new afterwards. Fixing your original stick is way better than buying a replacement in my opinion. Stone Age Gamer should sell replacement N64 stick parts, or they should team up with a company called Steel Sticks 64. That company sells steel bowls and sticks for the N64 controller and I think you guys would make a ton of money if you worked together. That would be cool to see. So in conclusion, this Gamecube style stick feels nice, and its great for the average gamer, but nothing beats the original OEM N64 sticks. Thanks for reading and have a great day! (PS: If you buy this, then please dont throw away your original n64 analog stick box. You should just sell it on ebay so you can make your money back and so someone else can fix it.) Thanks!