PlayStation 1 PS1 RGB SCART Composite Sync CSYNC cable with Guncon port

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PlayStation 1 PS1 RGB SCART Composite Sync CSYNC cable with Guncon port

PlayStation 1 PS1 RGB SCART Composite Sync CSYNC cable with Guncon port


Level up with an RGB SCART! This cable supplies an RGB video signal and stereo sound from your Sony Playstation 1 which is far superior than the original video cable. This cable is screened to minimise interference and is wired for composite sync (CSYNC). Please see comparison pictures using the Retro Gaming Cables RGB SCART compared to a regular composite video cable. It also benefits from internal capacitors connected in series with each RGB video line to remove any direct current (DC) signals, which may impede the true alternating current signal used in signal transmissions.  This cable is wired for CSYNC also known as composite sync,  which has a built in video sync separator circuit and is powered directly by the Playstation console.


Why use CSYNC?:

  • For monitors which require CSYNC to function, like the Sony PVM 2950G, PVM 2950QM, NEC Multisync 4PG and XM29 plus.
  • When using Switching Extron Crosspoint Matrix Switcher.
  • If your a CSYNC FanBoy.


CSYNC will also work on most regular modern television sets. (This cable is for a CRT only if you want to use a lightgun). For further information on CSYNC please our Demystifying RGB Sync guide.



  • No Tuning required, just plug and play.
  • True RGB video & stereo sound.
  • Constructed from custom screened cable especially made for Retro Gaming Cables.
  • Wired for Composite Sync (CSYNC). For further information on sync types please our Demystifying RGB Sync guide.
  • Integrated light gun port for use on CRT televisions.

New features

  • Fully wired/ grounded SCART plug using a custom Printed Circuit Board. 
  • Composite Sync (CSYNC) signal achieved using a built in sync separator circuit, see pictures below.
  • Custom ID label on SCART plug.
  • Quality Panasonic capacitors.
  • Light gun / Guncon port.


Frequently asked questions:

        Q. Is this PlayStation SCART cable compatible with all console regions?
        A. Yes, this cable works with all PlayStations 1 & 2 consoles released world wide, including PAL and NTSC versions. However we do supply separate cables for the PS1 and PS2, as the PS1 doesn't have the 200uF capacitors between the video encoder and the A/V output socket inside the console but the PS2 does, therefore,  our PS1 cables have capacitors inside the SCART plug and our PS2 cables does not. This is to ensure maximum electrical compatibility for each console,

        Q. What is the CSYNC version for?
        A. Mainly for up-scalers like the Framemeister XRGB-mini and professional monitors, like the range of Sony PVM and BVM’s, but will work with regular SCART TV’s and SCART to HDMI up-scaling boxes.

        Q. Does the CSYNC version work with an external sync cleaner like the Sync Strike?
        A. The CSYNC version has a sync cleaner built into the SCART plug, and yes you can use this in series with a second sync cleaner, which you find in some SCART adapter cables like the EuroSCART to Mini adapter and EuroSCART to BNC adapter, and also the Sync Strike.

        Q. Does the Light gun port on this cable allow you to play on Modern Flatscreen TV like, LCD, plasmas etc?
        A. No, as light guns for the PlayStation only work on the old style CRT televisions and not the modern flat screens.