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Operating System

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Version Release Date Compatibility Download
v4.04 08/08/2020 Pro [DOWNLOAD]
v4.03 08/04/2020 Pro [DOWNLOAD]
v4.02 07/25/2020 Pro [DOWNLOAD]
v4.01 07/10/2020 Pro [DOWNLOAD]
v4.00 07/01/2020 Pro [DOWNLOAD]
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Release Notes:


  • Saves management changes.
    • System will move save data from battery ram to SD card every time when cartridge boots to menu (instead of moving when game changed). 
    • It makes save system more clear and prevent lost of data for last played game if battery dry out.
  • Fixed volume register overflow in PCM low pass filter
  • Fixed Snatcher crash after "corpse reconstruct" cut scene
  • Fixed audio track cutting for bin+wav cd images
  • Mapper for Sonic Delta


  • Fix for games which using "reset" instruction


  • Fixed pause for MegaSG in SMS games
  • Fixed SMS in-game menu for MegaSG
  • Support for CD images with data tracks in MODE1/2048 format
  • Included YM2413 core update from Necronomfive
  • RAM cheats (including Mega-CD)
  • OS can load custom user mappers from the ROM catalog without copying it to the system folder. rbf file name should match to the mapper number
  • Aside of system folder OS will seek IPS patches in ROM folder also (patch name should match to the ROM name)
  • Speed improvement for IPS parcher
  • Included MSU-MD patch for ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron. Thanks to @32mbit for making this patch.
  • Minor system improvements


  • Fixed problem with SMS FM sound when it stops working if smsbios.sms not exists
  • Multi-bin CD images support*
    • CD images storing rules changed. Please refer to manual for details.
  • Save states preview right from In-Game menu (genesis mode only)
  • Ips auto patcher
    • Built-in auto patcher engine allow to use ips patches without using patching software. Rom stays unchanged on disk but patched in cart RAM.
    • ips-msu folder for games executed in pair with CD (ROM+CD), ips-std for all other games.
    • There two ways for path and ROM association:
      1. Patch name should match to ROM ID. ROM ID can be obtained in "Rom Info" menu.
      2. Patch and ROM name should be the same.
  • Included msu-md ips patches for games which been previously hacked for MD+
    • Just put original unpatched rom and CD image to the same folder, cue file name should match to the rom name. MD+ audio pack can be used as is for msu-md.
    • msu-md patches also can be used with any other flashcart in pair with original Mega-CD, in this case rom should be patched manually and audio packs should be burned to the disk.
  • Region fixes related to MegaSG


  • Initial release.


Version Release Date Download
v4.02 08/07/2018 [DOWNLOAD]

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