Magic Pockets (Sega Dreamcast)

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Magic Pockets (Sega Dreamcast)

Magic Pockets for Sega Dreamcast

BK is ready to do anything to recover his favorite toys!

The young Bitmap Kid has pants with bottomless pockets, allowing him to store all his favorite toys. But these pockets overlook a universe called PocketLand and the inhabitants had the bad idea to steal the precious objects of BK. Venture into many levels where you have to crush your enemies with a multitude of weapons right out of your pockets and find the exit of the course by collecting the most points possible. You will be able to count on power-ups to overcome this fantastic adventure.



  • English & Japanese Language
  • 1 or 2 players
  • Supports HD VGA Cables and HDMI Cables
  • Region Free


This is not a REPRODUCTION or BOOTLEG, while these games are not licensed or endorsed by Sega they are Licensed by the software rights holder.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a produced on MIL-CD media (like all professional Dreamcast indie games) and might not be compatible with some Dreamcast consoles built after November 2000. Please check the manufacture date on the label on the bottom of your console before.