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We currently are not running a Stone Age Gamer Donates promotion. We will announce new promotions on our site, FaceBook and Twitter.

What is Stone Age Gamer Donates?

Stone Age Gamer often runs different weekly, bi-weekly and monthly promotions. Often these promotions are discounts on products, free upgrades / shipping and other discounts that directly benefit the customer. Occasionally Stone Age Gamer chooses a charity, non-profit or other good cause to donate a certain percentage of all sales during that promotional period to.

How does it work?

During the Stone Age Gamer Donates promotional period Stone Age Gamer will set aside the designated sales percentage of money. Please note, this only includes product purchases. This does not include gift certificates or shipping charges.  Once the promotion has ended we will wait 30-days and then we submit the final donation total to the chosen charity. The 30-day waiting period is done to prevent fake, cancelled, or returned orders from affecting the final total.

Other FAQs:

Q: I want to donate, but there is nothing I currently want to purchase, can I just send you money to donate?
A: We will provide information and direct links to the donation page of the organization. We suggest donating directly to the organization.

Q: I would rather have the portion you will be giving to the organization as a discount to my order. Will you discount my order instead of donating that portion?
A: No. If you are looking for discounts we suggest waiting for a sale or promotion that offers the discount you are looking for. During our Stone Age Gamer Donates promotional period we will not substitute the donation for a discount.

Q: Will you donate to a different organization instead of the one you are currently promoting?
A: No, but you can make suggestions for future organizations below. If you truly want to donate to another organization we suggest donating directly to that organization. If that means you have to choose between donating to that organization instead of purchasing from us we completely understand and wholeheartedly suggest donating directly rather than purchasing from us.

Q: How do we know you are actually donating the money to the organization?
A: Once the donation is made we will post a link to any receipt or proof of donation on this page.

Q: Will I be able to write this donation off on my personal taxes?
A: No, this is considered a donation from Stone Age Gamer Retroworks, Inc. and you can not include it under the charitable donations portion of your tax form. We encourage you to also donate directly if this is important to you.

Q: I do not agree with the goals, message, religious or political stance of the organization. Why should a portion of my purchase go to that organization?
A: While we urge you to reconsider, if you absolutely do not want your order's portion to be donated please contact ORDER SUPPORT after placing your order to make this request.

Past Stone Age Gamer Donations

11/09/2020 Make-a-wish Foundation $2,152.44 Donation Made: 03/04/2021
02/13/2020 Adult Congenital Heart Association $1,785.61 Donation Made: 11/05/2020
08/11/2019 Geekade: Pain in the Ass-athon $1,200.00 Donation Made: 08/14/2019
06/07/2019 Special Effect UK $1,391.06 Donation Made: 07/29/2019
12/28/2018 Toys for Tots $1,580.96 Donation Made: 02/10/2019
09/22/2018 Geekade: Pain in the Ass-athon $1,100.00 Donation Made: 09/24/2018
08/19/2018 Extra Life $1,984.40 Donation Made: 09/18/2018
06/20/2018 Blind Children's Learning Center $1,214.31 Donation Made: 07/22/2018

TOTAL: $12,408.78


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