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Stone Age Gaming - Unusual Gaming Trophies

Stone Age Gaming - Unusual Gaming Trophies

Kris Randazzo
8 minute read

In the world of competitive gaming, there are many prizes. Sometimes it's money, but sometimes it's... underwear? On today's episode of Stone Age Gaming, Kris takes a closer look at some of the unusual gaming prizes he's accumulated over the years. Do you have any weird gaming trophies or prizes?

Transcript of the video:

Hi, everyone. Kris from Stone Age Gamer here and welcome back to Stone Age Gaming, A show where I talk about random stuff that I have amassed over the years. Let's talk a little bit about competitive video gaming. My first taste of the world of competitive video games came from the movie The Wizard, where you to watch that little kid compete in Super Mario 3 and Ninja Gaiden and all sorts of other stuff. And it was one of the coolest things in the world. Nowadays, competitive gaming is humongous. You've got big tournaments like Evo, people winning thousands and thousands of dollars, but sometimes the prize is money and sometimes the prize s a trophy. Let's take a look. 

OK, let's talk about some video game trophies and well, let's start simple. The first video game trophies I ever got. I actually didn't have to win at all because I got them from Toys R US. Yes, my parents bought me these guys from Toys R US. And these are super awesome. And yes, they're technically trophies. That's what they were sold as. If you look right here, you're supposed to put your name in your high score and date on these little guys here. And this is Mario running away from an orange bullet bill for some reason. Never really quite understood that. But, hey, it's really awesome. You know, Mario, statues, statues and stuff didn't exist when I was a kid. And this was kind of the best we got. 

And this is the other one I have here. This is Mario. This had two high score stickers here. We were came with the stickers and you had to put them on or if they were already on when I bought them. Goodness gracious, I have no idea. But Mario, with the kind of a scared look on his face, holding a star, but also has a very scared look on his face on this bloopers coming after him. And as you can tell, these things have been around. I've had them. I've had them since I was a kid and I still love him. There are a bunch more of these things, too. I think there's a couple of punch out ones and Zelda ones. I've always wanted to track those down, but they're ridiculously expensive on the aftermarket. So I just have the two that I had when I was a little kid. 

Next up, let's have a look at what's inside this thing. So I used to work at a comic book store and one of my customers knew that I was a crazy Nintendo collector. And he said, I have a really weird Nintendo thing. Do you want it? I said, sure, I didn't even care what it was. So he showed up one day with this. Turns out that he had competed in some sort of tournament and he won this thing. So let's have a look inside. This is a very bizarre thing. Crack this sucker open and we have this. This is the power play, Saturday's champion prize trophy thing. It is a necklace, a giant chain necklace. I'll go ahead and yank this out here. Yeah, this is really something special. This is indeed made of metal. And and when you look at that, huh, I don't know what the powerplays, Saturday's thing was. Whatever it was, it didn't happen around me. This has got to be Game Cube era. Just just judging by this gaudy piece of jewelry, this just smells Game Cube to me. But I could be wrong either way. I was very grateful that he gave it to me. It's really flippin weird, but I love this thing. It's it's super cool. And you got this little this metal Nintendo case to keep it in. And yeah, it's a it's a piece of fun. 

OK, so this one isn't really a trophy, but it is a prize boom. Do you know what this is. This is underwear. This is a pair of underpants. And do they look familiar to you. Maybe, perhaps capcom arcade classics make it feel a little bit more familiar. Yes. These are Arthur's boxer shorts. There was an online trivia thing that Capcom did on their Facebook page around when Capcom Arcade Classics came out on PS2 and Xbox, I think, and I. I don't know why I knew the answer to this, but they asked what what pattern is on Arthur's boxer shorts? And everyone was answering hearts. And I noticed that nobody has had strawberries yet. And I honestly, I don't know why I knew it was strawberries, but I did. So I answered and I won. And they mailed me these boxer shorts and I've never worn them. I just kind of thought they were much cooler as a memento. But yeah, that's Arthur's boxer shorts, probably one of my favorite prizes I've ever won for anything video game related. 

We've got at last, but not least, we have this guy right here. I showed this off in the beginning of the video and this is well, this has a pretty fun story behind it. There was. A barricade in Brooklyn when I lived in New York and I remember the website Destructoid was posting about a retro video game tournament that was being hosted there by Love Sack, The Love Sack NES Classic. And the idea was that they wanted to make a retro game tournament that was similar to the thing at the end of The Wizard. Right. So I had to do it. First level of Contra, the first three fighters in Mike Tyson's punch out and then the first level of Super Mario Brothers as quick as I could. And I practiced and practice and practiced. And then I got there. And clearly nobody else was taking this as seriously as I was because there were a handful of other competitors, but nobody even came close to doing what I was doing. And so I kind of overdid it. 

But the promise was that there was going to be a power glove trophy. And so I won. But they weren't ready yet. They said, oh, we're still making the power glove trophy, but it's on its way here, I promise. So I just kind of hung out for a while after doing that, doing the tournament, and then they showed up with this thing. And it's pretty impressive looking on the front because the back is well, it's this and the base is really nothing all that special. It looks like this was really thrown together very quickly. And it's I think this actually broke here. I have to be very, very careful with it because I glued this back on. This is all very thin and flimsy, but it's one of my favorite things because they just they literally took a mold of a power glove and made a trophy out of it and spray painted it this bronze ish color. And it's totally awesome. This sits upstairs in my living room on my mantle because my wife is a very understanding woman. And it is. Yeah, it's definitely not modeled after a power glove. It's a hundred percent, one to one. This is the size of the power glove. But this is probably my favorite one and I love this thing. 

So yeah. Video game competitions. I'm I'm not really good enough to win a whole lot of video game competitions myself, so I don't really go for the the competitive thing. I love watching it. I love watching pro street fighter players. It's probably my favorite thing to season. I love tuning in and watching the best of the best compete with street fighter. I just think it's the coolest darn thing. But that's got to pretty much wrap it up. If you liked what you saw here today, please comment like and subscribe. Let us know if there are any cool video game trophies that you've won. I would love to see pictures of weird prizes or trophies that you guys at one from any particular thing that you've competed in. I love that kind of stuff. And as you saw, I've won a couple of weird looking ones myself. So there's definitely more weird stuff out there and I would love to see it. Thanks again for watching, everybody. On behalf of all of us here at Stone Age Gamer, Keep playing games. 

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