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Statues Overview

Statues Overview

Kris Randazzo
9 minute read

Action figures are cool, but all those points of articulation can get in the way of detail. That's where statues come in. Stone Age Gamer has started carrying various statues from First 4 Figures and more. Here's a look!

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Transcript of the video:

Hi, everyone. Kris from Stone Age Gamer here and I want to talk to you about statues. This is an amiibo. This is not an action figure. You've probably seen this around the stores, but it doesn't have any sort of opposable nature. It's a statue of Kirby. It's a very small statue. This is a first for figure statue of Kirby. As you can see, it's considerably larger, way more detailed, and well, it's just plain awesome. We've recently started carrying statues at Stone Age Gamer, and I wanted to give you a little breakdown on the kinds of stuff you can see, including large statues like this and even ones that are even smaller than amiibo. Let's take a look. 

[00:00:39] Okay. Let's take a look at a couple of examples of the kinds of statues that we carry. So obviously, this is the kind of inventory that's going to change a bunch over time. So we're just going to look at a few of the things we have in now to give you an example of what these things are actually like. We're going to start small. These are from a Kirby terrarium collection kind of thing. So these are mini statues. Let's go ahead and take a look at what's inside these boxes and get a closer look at what kind of stuff these are. So this is oh, it looks like a little thing that you have to build yourself. Oh, this is precious. Oh, my goodness. Look at these adorable little Kirby's. This is this is awesome. So that looks like it's going to take a little bit of effort to do. Let's go. Let's go ahead and do it, huh? Why the heck not? 

[00:01:34] Right. You turn a little bit more this way, I think. Let's try that. Aha. Oh. And it doesn't really like snap in place. You just kind of put it over it and then you just kind of place it somewhere and you got this cute little word situation here that actually does occur. Really quite nice now that it's all put together. Okay, that's cool. So let's see what else we got here. I'm not going to build all four of these at that. They all come in little pieces like that. Let's see. This one isn't all those old taro wood boxes. Okay. And you are? Yeah. It looks like another. Oh, actually, look at this. This is. This does have not really instructions so much. This is more like this. This already put together. Let's see. Let's crack this open and see what's in the bowl. Nope. It's just a bowl full of. Okay, there it is. Actually put together. Oh, this is confusing. Oh, yeah. All right, so it's got little bitty bits inside, and she got, like, just talk like this ridiculousness. Oh, my goodness. It's parasol Kirby. Okay. All right, fine. I'll put this one together. It doesn't look like it has too many parts. Look at that. 

[00:02:56] Oh, that is adorable. He's so happy. All right, well, these are these are great. It looks like this is another one of the little ball shaped ones, like ship in a bottle. So that's the basics of these little guys. All right. Next, let's take a look at this. This is a full sized statue. This is from first four figures, which is one of the brands of statues we started carrying here at Stone Age Gamer. And this one is a PVC painted statue. They have resin statues which are much more expensive. They're typically a little more detailed and much more fragile. This guy here is one of the PVC ones and it's really nice looking. I built it once already. I just want to show you how easy it is to put this guy together and how nice it looks. So we just pull this guy out of here and it's got a little information inside the box here. Just do your basic info on your statue and it comes in a couple of different pieces. You've got a Kirby, we've got the archway here, and then you've got the base, which is kind of hefty what you want it to be because it kind of keeps everything in place. And then we'll go ahead and just kind of put this in here. And then put Kirby and got a little square on the bottom there and matched up just like so. 

[00:04:22] There he is. And he's vinyl. So I mean, obviously you want to be somewhat careful with them, but there you go. That is the full size statue of curvy, which looks real, really nice. Now, obviously, Kirby is not an extraordinarily detailed character, but if you get a nice closer look here, the shrill, nice texture on the grass and everything, it's got a very good paint job and it just sits nice and sturdy, which I'll give you a better picture of it up on a shelf. But that is what this looks like. Now, I do have another one I wanted to show you, but I have to plug it in. So I'm going to move my camera and get to a better position so I can show you this one because it's really cool. 

[00:04:59] Okay. So what you're looking at here is the Pac-Man 40th anniversary Infinity Mirror statue. So this is this is just extraordinarily cool. I don't know how well this translates to what you're seeing on the video here. So here's the actual statue itself. Pac-Man can he's swivel a bowl so he can be in whatever position you like to stand there. The base itself, this is all one piece. This takes no assembly, all right. But it does plug in. And what makes this awesome is the infinite mirror. If you look at it from the right angle, it looks like you're getting a lot of other stuff in this mirror. But in person, I tell you, this is really something wild. It repeats the dots and the lines like from the inside of the maze forever. So it looks like Pac-Man is in the maze eating dots forever. In fact, you can even turn around if you want to, and then it just looks like he's in the maze going after all the dots. I think this is the cool thing. It really just kind of blew my mind when I finally saw this one in person because I saw pictures of it on the Internet and I thought, okay, I have to see this to believe it. And it's it's very it is very effective at looking incredibly cool. Just kind of a weird aspect to a weird angle. I'll look at Pac-Man and the traditional names, but there you go. That is a first for figures Pac-Man, 40th anniversary, infinite mirror statue. And I love it. 

[00:06:28] Okay, finally. And I apologize for the shaky cam nature of this. I just don't want to move these now. We don't actually carry these specific ones at stony age gamer. These are older first four figure statues that are long out of print, but these are resin statues that I personally owned. And I wanted to give kind of an example of what the resin statues look like as opposed to the vinyl statues. So here we have a link on a photo from Twilight Princess, and this is the old Samus glorious statue. Now, this is very old and this is several years newer than that, but this one is still at least goodness, I got to say, at least close to ten years old by now, the the detail on the bases and whatnot, how modern, how much more involved these statues have gotten over the years is really quite impressive. So we'll take a closer look at Samus first and you can see the detail on these things is just nuts. Now this one is actually broken. I have this on second hand. So this one you can see the ankle was kind of chipped there and one of her fingers, I think, is on a crack. Well, there were other than that, it's a it's in remarkable shape. And these things are just even with the crack in the ankle, it's just just gorgeous. 

[00:07:40] And then, of course, Link on Epona, the detail on the horse itself is ridiculous. The eyes look great. Link herself looks awesome. This one's very heavy. Another reason I really didn't want to pick it up and move it. I kind of put this where it is and I don't really want to move it ever. But like the arm comes off, the head comes off and this I think the arm in particular is magnetic. So pieces that come across like this then, you know, kind of hang down a little bit. They don't necessarily just snap into place because the whole thing is resin. They sometimes incorporate magnets to hold things in place because they are very well thought out and even the base itself is really quite nice looking. And there you go. That is closer. Look at what an example of the resin statues can look like. We don't have any resin statues currently as of the time of this recording, but they are things that we are looking to start carrying a little bit of in the future in limited quantities. 

[00:08:36] And there are again various statues of all kinds of shapes, sizes and characters are available now at Stone Age Gamer. And as time goes on, our imagery is going to change a lot on this thing. So keep your eyes peeled on our website and you'll see the kind of new stuff we get as it comes in. Thanks for watching, everybody. If you like what you saw here today, please follow comment blank and subscribe shared around. Let us know in the comments. What statues do you have? What statue companies make the coolest statues around? What's your favorite video game related statue that you've ever seen? We love hearing from everybody, so sound off in the comments and let us know what you think. Thanks again, everybody. On behalf of all of us here at Stone Age Gamer, keep playing games. 

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