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Sega Genesis Essentials Overview

Sega Genesis Essentials Overview

Kris Randazzo
12 minute read

There's nothing quite playing classic games on your Sega Genesis, but with the system being as old as it is, it might be hard to track down everything you might want to get it not only working, but working in a more modern fashion. We've got a number of items that can keep your games protected, and make your Sega Genesis work better than ever before.

Genesis 1 AC Adapter (Tomee):

Genesis 2 & 3 AC Adapter (Tomee):

Genesis 1 AV Cable (Tomee):

Genesis 2/3/32X AV Cable (Old Skool):

LevelHike HD Cable for Sega Genesis:

AV to HDMI Converter:

SEGA Genesis 8-Button Wireless 2.4 GHz Controller - Officially Licensed:

Brook PS3/PS4 to Genesis Super Converter:

8Bitdo Retro Bluetooth Receiver for Sega Genesis:

BitBox for Sega Genesis:

Retro-Bit Cartridge Case for Sega Genesis and Mega Drive:

Old Skool Cartridge Cleaner:

Game Cartridge / Console Security Bit :

Sega Genesis Flash Carts:

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Transcripts of the video:

Hi, everyone. Kris from Stone Age Gamer here, and this is my Sega Genesis. I love the Sega Genesis or as other people call it, the mega drive. And these things come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes. Most people love this thing because, well, it's kind of amazing game library full of just some really, really awesome titles that are still fun to play today. But one thing that is also constant is that the March of Technology has made playing these suckers on your modern televisions a little bit more difficult. Or even if you've had this thing packed away for ages, maybe a hamster chewed through all your wires and you can't hook it up to your old CRT anymore. Well, whatever you need to do to get your Sega Genesis up and running, we're here at Stone Age Gamer can help you out because we have a lot of accessories available that get your Sega Genesis running like new, no matter how you want to play it. Let's take a look. 

[00:00:50] All right. Let's start with the most basic of the basics. You need your system to turn on. You don't know where your AC adapter is. We sell AC adapters here at Stone Age Gamer. This one right here is a Tomee AC adapter for Genesis one, which is not this. This is Genesis two. Well, we do carry the AC adapters for the various Sega Genesis models. This just happens to be one of them that we have. So we have those very important next most important thing is getting it hooked up to your television. 

[00:01:18] Now there are a bunch different models of the Sega genesis. The Genesis one operates on different stuff than the Genesis two. These cables right here are your basic composite cables for Genesis one, Genesis two and three. They're six foot long cables, and they will get the job done. Plug them into any standard composite a v inputs. Isn't that lovely? 

[00:01:39] Now, if you want to get a little bit more high definition with it, we have a couple of different ways we can do that. For example, we have this right here. This is a level like HD cable for second genesis. Crack this box opening. You'll see I've used this one a handful of times. They come, they come more neatly packaged than this. But it comes to this little doodad right here, and this plugs into your Genesis system and this regular HDMI cable plugs in it. And it is universal because it comes with this adapter here that you can plug in so you can use your Genesis one or your Genesis two and three or CD or whatever with this. And then you just pull this plugs into a power supply, so this does need its own power. But then this plugs into your TV via an HDMI port and boom, you're playing your second genesis on your TV in high definition. 

[00:02:29] Of course, there's other routes we can go to. Again, this is from OldSkool. This is the AV to HDMI converter, and this is a pretty straightforward little piece here. Let's crack this open and take a look at it. This little guy here also requires its own power. You just plug this in and whatever you got, use your AV cables, plug them right into here, and then it'll output HDMI to your television and it's got a shares to power it up. Then you can choose between 720p 1080p resolutions. This is a really handy little device, and it is a little device. A tiny this guy is it's it's pretty nice looking.

[00:03:06] All right. Next, let's talk about controls, and there's no cooler way to do that than one of these. So recently, Retro-Bit acquired the the ability to make officially licensed Sega Genesis controllers, and this right here is they're officially licensed eight-button arcade pad. This is basically, we did a whole video on these relatively recently, so I'm not going to go into the full details here, but they're molded after the original Sega Genesis controllers like the six button pads. This is a wireless one that we also carry a wired version and they come in a couple of different colors. These are very, very nice. 

[00:03:40] And there's also a wide array of other controllers that we carry on and off at our site that'll work with your Sega Genesis, but you need a second Genesis controller. There's a lot of great options now. 

[00:03:51] Let's say you want to use a non Sega Genesis controller on your second Genesis. You want something a little more modern. This will help you out. This is a super converter from Brooke Accessories. What this does is it plugs into your Sega Genesis system, and then you can use your S3 or PS4 controllers on your mega drive or PC engine. If you if if that's the direction you want to go. But yes, these are really cool things. These super converters. Brook actually makes a whole bunch of different flavors for all manner of different systems to use all kinds of different controllers on different systems. We also did a more detailed breakdown of these in another video, which I will link to description, but this is another great way to use your existing controllers on your second genesis if you are lacking for Genesis controllers.

[00:04:36] Of course, let's say you have something like this laying around, this is the M30 Bluetooth gamepad from 8BitDo. These controllers are super nice and if you wanted to use something like this on your genesis, you can thanks to this little doodad. This is a retro receiver. They make these for a couple of different platforms, including the Sega Genesis and Mega Drive. And this will plug right into your Genesis controller port and allow you to use other wireless 8BitDo controllers. Whichever ones make you happy on your Sega Genesis, they just pair right up. They're pretty straightforward and they'll get the job done. 

[00:05:10] All right. Next up, let's talk a little bit about maintenance. There are a couple of different ways that you want to protect your games, keep them clean and all that kind of stuff, and the most important thing is getting some sort of case. So let's start with this one right here. This is from retro a bit. This is the cartridge case compatible with Genesis. This is exactly what it looks like. This is a replica of the original Sega Genesis game cases. It's the same size. It's got the same exact feel like the same kind of plastic feel and cartridges fit in as normal and go grab this one out of here and plop it right in there. Look, that fits like a dream. You've got all your stuff, your instruction manuals. And there you have it the retro bit cartridge case compatible with Sega Genesis. 

[00:05:53] But if you want something a little bit more, I don't know. Deluxe, we have our own cases. These are bitboxes. Again, we've done another whole video on these guys in the past, but these are the ones that we make exclusively at Stone Age Gamer. They're kind of like the old Disney VHS tape cases. And what's cool about these is that you can fit a variety of game cartridges inside of them, so you can see the toe diameter all fits right in there like that. But this will also fit your EA Sports games. It'll fit 32X games and then the cases line up on your shelf. They're all the same size, unlike the original Genesis ones that come in all kinds of funky sizes. So you got a couple of different options for keeping your games protected in fancy looking cases. Isn't that something special? 

[00:06:36] But there's a little bit more to it than this as far as keeping your stuff maintained, and we have a couple of different things here. I want to show you right here, this is your OldSkool cartridge cleaner. It's pretty straightforward. You just kind of, you know, put a couple of drops of rubbing alcohol onto the wet side of the cleaner and you just kind of it's got a wet side and a dry side. You take it out of the plastic bag, you rub it on your contacts on the inside there. Get your cartridge all nice and clean.

[00:07:02] But if you want to go even deeper than that, we sell these guys. These are security bits that'll attach to pretty much any screwdriver you got. Plug this sucker in and let me see if I can get it out of this bag here without too much hassle. I am terrible with tiny plastic bags. It's just never been my forte where we go, and you can see that the Sega Genesis cartridges have these security screws in the back and the screwdriver bit will latch right on and you can unscrew your games. You can open them up and do whatever you want on the inside of there. Do you want to put like small troll dolls inside your Genesis cartridges? You can do that. I don't know why you'd want to, but you totally can. 

[00:07:42] All right. Last but not least, what Sega Genesis console would be complete without one of our flash carts. Yes, these are flash carts for the Sega Genesis or Mega Drive. We have a wide array of these things that do various different things, but at their core, if you're unfamiliar with flash carts, these allow you to load your Sega Genesis, your legally obtained Genesis ROMs or Mega Drive ROMs onto a flash card, the full SD card. And then you put them in the cartridge and they will play them as if you are running the actual cartridge in your system. 

[00:08:16] This right here is the mega everdrive pro, the Stone Age Gamer Edition. This is one of our many variations of it. We have a bunch of custom options, so you can do to make it look different. Different colored cartridge, shells and stuff are Deluxe Edition comes in one of our bitbox cases with an instruction manual. And then you also have this guy right here as the mega SD from TerraOnion. These do pretty much really boil down to the same things. They've got a different menu systems and stuff like that. But these cartridges will both play all your mega drive and Genesis games, plus Sega CD games without the need for a Sega CD attachment, which is pretty cool,. 

[00:08:53] But you can also get less expensive models of flash carts for the Sega Genesis that just do the Genesis games without the Sega CD support, etc. So you can check out all the information on that on our website, and that should pretty much line things up for the Genesis. 

[00:09:10] As you can see, we have a lot of great stuff here at Stone Age Gamer that'll help you get your Sega Genesis console up and running on your modern televisions on your old televisions. Really, however you want to play it, you want your genesis working. We can help you get that happening. 

[00:09:23] Thanks for watching everybody. If you like what you saw here today, please follow comments like and subscribe and let us know what your favorite Sega Genesis games are. Do you like playing them on your old CRT so you get all those cool scan lines and stuff? Up or do you like the the crystal clear image of an HDMI cable sticking out of the back of your Sega Genesis? Do you like the Genesis three model better than the Genesis one model? I don't know. There's tons of questions about the Genesis. We always like talking about Genesis or Mega Drive, so leave us some comments and let us know what you think. Thanks again for watching everybody on behalf of all of us here at Stone Age Gamer, keep playing games. 

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