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Sega Genesis Big6 Controllers Overview

Sega Genesis Big6 Controllers Overview

Kris Randazzo
9 minute read

What happens when you combine the classic 3-button Genesis controller with the upgraded 6-button controller? You get the Big6! Is it the best of both worlds? Here's our overview of both the wired and wireless variants.

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Transcript of the video: 

Hi, everyone. Kris from Stone Age gamer here and this is a Sega Genesis controller. It's iconic design. It's well, it's an icon, right? You've seen this controller around, but it does have some shortcomings. Mainly only got three face buttons. So eventually Sega changed it over to this design, this six button design and it's a wonderful form factor. It moved the start button in the middle. It's got six face buttons, but it's not this iconic Sega Genesis controller. Right? So what happens when you combine this with this? You get this the big six officially licensed controller from Sega. Let's take a look. 

[00:00:41] Okay Here we have the big six from Retro Bit and Sega. This is an officially licensed Sega Genesis controller. This is the Wired version. We're going to go and take a look at this one first, but let's take a look at the box because the box is lovely. It's got the red stripe Sega Genesis thing, which is kind of how they did all their Sega Genesis stuff after a while. I love that. I love that design and the box is pretty snazzy and got some basic info on the back here. Say it's for Sega Genesis and Sega CD although I, I would bet dollars to donuts this would work on a Sega CD or a 32 x if necessary. Let's see. Official Sega license controller official great quality six button arcade pad layout retains the familiar grip and sleek design compatible with Sega Genesis and mega drive consoles a ten foot cable length. That's nice because the original one had a pretty small cable. So I guess let's crack this open and see what's inside the box. My trusty box cutter here, we want to be extra nice with this. Go ahead and cut that there so we don't mess up the box at all because this is a really a quite pretty box. So. 

[00:01:50] All right. Go ahead and pull this out here and let's see what's inside. Oh, right. We have a tray. Come on, you can do it. That's really in there. Oh, boy. Look at that. Okay, here's a little. Oh, thank you card from retro, but you're welcome. Retro bit. And there's the box. We're just going to push that over to the side and take a look at this controller with its ginormous cable. And, well, here it is. We've got a start button here that's actually recessed. That's nice, because I feel like in the Sega Genesis games I tend to accidentally hit that start button more than a little and this would actually kind of prevent that. But the buttons are don't look at the D-pad. Okay, this is really an interesting controller, so let's do some comparisons here. Here is the original Sega Genesis controller. And as you can see, size wise, besides the fact that something's rattling in this one, it's identical. This is the same exact size as the original one, but the button layouts really interesting because if we take a look at this, it really is combining both of these things. It's got the buttons of the exact same shape, it's got the dot on the B button in the same place. So you got your ABCs and exercises like this. It even has a similar kind of design with the the rounded off recessed area for the buttons and it's got the mode button up there on the corner, which is perfect. So to switch between a three button and six button mode, but it also has this one's d-pad, which is wonderful because that is got to be one of my favorite pads ever. Looks identical to it. This had a nice d-pad, but it was pretty squishy. It was. It was a good d-pad But this one. Oh, this is the business right here. So that's that's pretty fantastic. This feels wonderful. 

[00:03:46] All right, let's see what the wireless one looks like. So I'm going to put this one aside. I assume it looks exactly the same as this, except wireless. But let's give it a go, huh? But the box is already different. This one had a whole box design. This one has like, this is a sleeve on the outside here. So let's say you kind of crack this open here. I would probably do it on both sides because it's a sleeve and we want it to actually slide open and let's see what this one has in it. I wonder if this has one of those cases. Oh, look at that. That is lovely. Oh, this is quite nice. Let's say this is one of these drop open designs and. Come on. Oh, whoa, look at that. Okay, that's. That's pretty nice. All right, so we've got a USB dongle and a Sega Genesis dongle, and I'm just going to reach for the controller itself. Just. Okay, this is interesting. So this has an L and an R button on it. Oh, yeah. Go ahead. Throw the controller around. Good. Go And a home and a select button. So it looks like this is designed to work on. Obviously, it's designed to work on computers as well. So you've got more buttons available to you for a more modern design. Wow, that is really nice. It does have a very good a good weight too, it seems about the. Same way. Does this minus the cable. Yeah, they seem to to to weigh about the same amount. This is really this is really quite something here. I guess the only thing left to do now is test it out. So it's a let's go over to a Sega Genesis and see how these things work. 

[00:05:20] All right. First things first, we're going to test the wired controller here with the Sonic 3. So let's go ahead and give that a look. Press the start button there. Go, go, go, go, go. Clearly, the start button works. Go ahead and let's go to. Let's go to zone. Oh, let's go to John. What I like zone wanted. I wanted to pick zone wide because now I got to sit through this whole intro and go Sonic flying. Oh, look, he's a Super Saiyan in that something. And Knuckles guy can ruin his day. Oh, no. What a jerk you are. Knuckles still on the emeralds and he's off. All right. And this works exactly how you'd expect, though. It's just like a six button controller. Feels like a dream. I got to say, all the. The d-pad is making me very happy. Hammer the buttons all have the exact same. The jobs, build the exact same game as their regular controller. This feels like the official controller 100% and I am not good at Sonic 100%. But there's a secret in here. Oh right. So I have to have a certain number of rings. I remember how to do this. I knew there was a secret over there. Anyway, six button wired controller works great. Let's give a test to the six button wireless controller. 

[00:06:38] Okay, so we're going to test the wireless one out. Now. I can see it just syncs right up. You just press start and it syncs right up to the the receiver, just like other regular bands. And of course, if you're going to test out a six button Genesis controller, we got to go straight to one or two, right? So let's go ahead and press start and get rid enter here. We'll go let's go hyper. Why not? And we're going to do versus battle because we're just testing buttons here. So I'll go ahead and take review and I'll grab this wired controller we had here and we're going to beat cigars because that's fine. Let's just go. What the heck? Let's just start at Japan. All right? Let's see how these buttons work. I'm jumping around. Got my weak, medium, fierce, week, medium fierce. Functions just like a six foot in Genesis controller. I'll see how I can throw some fireballs. Nice and easy and oops, a little one of these hurricane kicks. There you go. And Shoryuken. Yeah. It just takes a little getting used to. I'm more of a Super Nintendo guy. But yeah, this others d-pad feels wonderful. And there you go. That's wireless, wired and wireless working on Genesis. But you know what? We should test one more thing. 

[00:07:50] All right. Well, we know it works on the genesis and the sexy, but what about the second master system? Let's give this a go. I can't imagine it won't work on the Master system. But just for fun and giggles, let's see. I guess we need to turn on the controller. There we go. Lights on. Oh, I like that wireless fantasy zone II. Works like a dream. Oh, that's wonderful. You got to love clean master system wirelessly, huh? All right, cool. 

[00:08:24] The big six Sega Genesis controller from Retro-bit is available now in both wireless and wired form at Thanks for watching, everybody. If you like what you saw here today, please follow comment like subscribe and let us know. What do you think of the big six controller? Do you like the big bulky Sega Genesis controller design? I've always thought it to be extremely comfortable, although I do really like the smaller six button one. The d-pad on that one is great, but I don't know. What do you think? We love hearing from everybody. Thanks again for watching. On behalf of all of us here at Stone Age gamer keep playing games. 

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