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Sega Dreamcast Homebrew Games Overview

Sega Dreamcast Homebrew Games Overview

Kris Randazzo
9 minute read

The Dreamcast is a heck of a system, and its library never stopped growing. We carry a nice selection of homebrew titles for the Dreamcast. Let's take a closer look at some of them.

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Hi, everyone! Kris from Stone Age gamer here. The Sega Dreamcast, in its all too brief life on this planet had one heck of an impressive library of games. What's cool about it is that people never really stopped making them. In fact, there are tons of homebrew games available for the platform, and we just happen to have some here at Stone Age gamer. Let's take a look. 

[00:00:22] OK, so what you're seeing here is the current slate of Dreamcast homebrew games that we have available on our site as of the time of this recording. Now this kind of stock changes a whole bunch. So what you're seeing here won't necessarily honor percent be in stock at all times, but this is just kind of an example of what's going on. 

[00:00:38] A lot of these are from Josh Prod, which is a homebrew publisher, which does some pretty fine work. We're going to take a little bit closer look at the differences between these and our original Dreamcast games in a minute, but we'll just kind of run through the titles we have here. We have Battle Crust. Some of these names are fantastic. Intrepid Izzy. Flashback, Yes that Flashback, Alice Sisters, Alice's Mom's Rescue, Arcade Racing Legends, Armed 7, Magic Pockets, Bang Busters, RocketTron, Ganryu, Tough Guy, FX Unit Yuki, Satazius Next, Supercharged Robot Volkaiser, Breakers, and Volgarr the Viking. Well, it looks awesome, so it just I love the names of these things. You can see that they've got the developers right there on the front of them. 

[00:01:46] Most of these seem to have a kind of a Japanese look to them. We'll go over that in just a second here. 

[00:01:52] Let's first take a look at the way these games look sealed, so let me find one of these. Yeah, this is fun. So this is the way these games are come brand new from from us when you order them and you see the kind of falls they have, the way that these things are shrink-wrapped, I just so happen to have a shrink wrapped original Dreamcast game right here. And as you can see, they are done in the exact same style. So if that means stuff to you, then by all means there's a there's a thing to look forward to. These games are shrink wrapped in almost the exact same fashion as the original Dreamcast games, where you see this one has a few more folds on the side, whereas this one doesn't have those. But that's OK. Shrink wrap is shrink wrap. How very exciting. 

[00:02:36] All right. Next up, let's do a little bit of a comparison between the different types of games here. So Dreamcast games originally came in two different flavors. You had the original white stuff like this, and then you had a round halfway through its life life. We got the the black labels on the side here. So to kind of make a comparison on the way these looks will start with the black ones since I have a copy of Intrepid is right here, so you can see if you look real close in here, it says Dreamcast along the inside there. This one actually has the name of the game written on the inside there, which is pretty spiffy as far as the side is concerned. The spine, they're pretty close match. The Dreamcast logos are bigger on this than it is on this one, but it is still doesn't look too terribly out of place on your shelf if that kind of stuff is important to you. And as far as you know, here's your front stuff your Dreamcast logo is the same. Your bar code is still in the same place on the back and you know, a couple of screenshots, so that's kind of the basics here. On the way these look on the outside, crack open the case on the inside, it's exactly as you'd expect it to be. 

[00:03:44] Here is a Dreamcast game CD jewel case. Everything looks exactly as it should. Next, let's take a look at the white ones. I'm sure you noticed a second ago when battle was sitting here, it had a different cover, and that's because they're reversible. If you look at the inside here, they're upside down. But yeah, the manuals can be flipped from Japanese style to North American style, and you can see that they are sized proportions in everything match up. Pretty much exactly used with the original Sega ones. They don't say Sega's Dreamcast the side. They say Josh Broad, but you know their homebrew games, they're never going to be 100 percent of a match. They do seem to have more of a Japanese style to them overall, and that's what a lot of these games, if we just grab a stack here and see a lot of the the spines are written in Japanese, but they all do match and I believe I don't actually have any Japanese wants to do a direct comparison with here. But I believe the Japanese ones, this is kind of their their trade dress on the side here. They all kind of look like that, so they should fit in with your collection. No problem. Even if you don't have Japanese stuff, you just have North American stuff like me. They still don't look too bad. So I think the next best thing to do is to check these things out in action. 

[00:04:51] All right. First off, let's take a look at Intrepid Ishii. You can see I have it running on my original Dreamcast over here. That is very yellowed. Side note we offer retro for writing service at St.. So I should check that out myself. Anyways, this is intrepid, is he it is a fun little platformer where you are beating up blobs in the first level. You are a purple haired girl, controls nice and responsive. It looks pretty nice. This is it's got some, some pretty fun aspects going on here. I haven't spent a whole lot of time with him, but it does seem like a very competent platformer. Pressing buttons get in treasure chest beating up treasure chests. Really? What more could you want? And also, as you can see here in my Retro Fighter's controller here, the view is plugged in and it does have a screen dedicated to this game, so it does have your basic view functions as well. So that's kind of the long short of the basics of Intrepid, is he? It's a nice looking game. It's pretty fun. Who doesn't love beaten up blobs who are wearing fizzes with big, thick eyebrows? Oh no, a scorpion. Ha, take that scorpion. 

[00:06:00] All right, next up, let's give a whirl to battle crust. This is a retro style, should not. It's pretty cool. I am terrible at shoot em ups, so I don't really know what I'm doing. Let's pick this one. Sure, why not? Let's do it. So what's fun about this little game is that it has some pretty good music at the press of a button here. Let's get the started the X button. You can zoom in like that, or you can do it in Tatay mode in two different directions. Oh, I better get off of there and start playing and I'm already dead. Yeah, this is a pretty, pretty fun shooter. I was playing this a little bit earlier before recording just to kind of test this stuff out, and it's got good music. And I'm not very good at it, but it's, you know, it doesn't seem to have any sort of like crazy intricate hook or anything like that, but it is a solid shooter as far as it just being. It feels really responsive. It's it's not insanely difficult. Not that I'm making it look super easy since I've already died twice on the first level, but it's a it's a pretty solid game that's battle crust man. Also, how do you say no to a game that's called Battle Crust the great name? 

[00:07:14] OK, so here we have flashback. This is a Hare's flashback, right on the second Dreamcast. I like this too. If you look at the controller here on The View, it's got the little eyes from the the game cover, which is a that's pretty snazzy thing here. But yeah, this one's been pretty nicely remastered for the Dreamcast. It's the same basic principle, except it's all kind of fancy and newer looking. So what else is a particularly cool about this is that if you want, you can play the 16 bit version and it's got a like a couple of save slots in it and it runs just like it did on your old 16 bit consoles. It sounds like the Genesis one when I played it earlier, but we'll take a quick look at the the modern flavored one. See, they are. They kind of smoothed out the cinematics a little bit. I don't know. I dropped my box. Let's go live to our death. So I mean, it's it's flashback. There it goes. We loved it. 

[00:08:09] There you go. So if you're looking for something new to play on your second Dreamcast, why not check out some of these fantastic homebrew games we have available right now and Stone Age Gamer? Thanks for watching everybody. If you liked what you saw here today, please follow comment like subscribe and let us know what Dreamcast games you want to try out any of them. Home brewers. Have you tried any homebrewers? Have you made any homebrew? Let us know because we always like here, all of you. Thanks again, everybody on behalf of all of us here at Stonings Gamer. Keep playing games. 

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