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Sega CD / Saturn / PSX Replacement Case Overview

Sega CD / Saturn / PSX Replacement Case Overview

Kris Randazzo
4 minute read

These painstakingly recreated longbox jewel cases have been manufactured in the US to the standards of the original cases and are made of the same material. They are the perfect way to make your Sega CD, Sega Saturn, or PlayStation 1 long box games look new again.

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Transcript of the video:

Has this ever happened to you? You want to play some Street Fighter Alpha on your Sega Saturn so you go to open it up and oh no! The case broke! These original cases are so gosh darn brittle. Well, the good news is we've got a solution for that: Replacement Saturn cases made right here in the United States. Let's take a look. 

OK, so here we have the replacement jewel case for Sega CD, Sega Saturn and even Sony PlayStation longbox games. As you can see, this is, well, exactly what it says it is. It's a replacement jewel case for those platforms. Let's do a direct comparison with, oh, I don't know, Cliffhanger for Sega CD because even the games that hate you deserve to be loved. 

There are a couple of minor differences. You can see that they're the same exact same dimensions and all that business, but there are tiny things you might notice. First and foremost, you have the way that the case opens. The original guys take a little bit of effort to open and they're not going to fall open on their own. And they're pretty sturdy. And sometimes you really just kind of have to grab them from the top and push open like that. These new ones open a lot easier and see that it's not going to fall apart if you hold it upside down, but it is going to open with considerably less effort. 

Now, I want to take out the instruction manual here, and you'll see that there's a couple of little tiny things like these little circles inside here. You've got one and two. Now look at the new one and it's got three little circles. I don't know what those are for, but they exist. The only other difference that I've noticed is on the inside here, you see the compact disc logo is there and there and it is not on the replacement cases. I'm going to go ahead and venture a guess that it's some sort of copyright thing. 

So in case you were wondering, don't worry, if you have multi-disc games like Panzer Dragoon Saga, these little guys will fit in just fine. The gaps are in the same place to hold your disks in place. Isn't that lovely? So how difficult is it to actually take apart your old games and fix them? Well, let's grab Street Fighter Alpha here and do this right now. So as you know, my Street Fighter Alpha case is broken. This little bit, flopped off on the top here. And that's because these these guys are made of a fairly brittle plastic. I mean, all things considered, they are fairly old. So the fact they're falling apart now isn't terribly surprising. These new ones feel almost exactly the same as they did when they first came out. They say that they are made of the exact same material and it does seem that way, except maybe a slightly, slightly softer plastic ever so slightly, which is nice because it gives them a little bit more of a malleable feel when you're taking things apart and putting the books and stuff inside. 

So we're going to take out my book here and we're just going to slide that right in there. All we're looking better already. Look at that. Then we'll go ahead and take the disk out of this one. Popped right down here. Now, take out the backing on this one. Just give it a little bend on both sides. Pull this up. Alright, there we go. We finally got that out. Now, this one, you'll see, comes out a lot easier. It's like a fall out on its own, but because it's made of the slightly softer plastic, these things are a little bit easier to just kind of take apart so we can take this sleeve, plop it on the inside, snap this guy back in place. And we have a nice new look at a copy of Street Fighter Alpha: Warrior's Dreams. 

These replacement jewel cases for Sega Saturn, Sega CD or even PlayStation LongBox games are available now at Thanks for watching and keep playing games. 

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