Say Hello to the MegaSD

Say Hello to the MegaSD

Posted by Stone Age Gamer on Jun 18th 2019

The fine folks over at TerraOnion just blew the lid off their newest creation, the MegaSD. If you’re a fan of the Mega Drive/Genesis, this might be the ultimate product for you.

TerraOnion made some pretty big waves a few years ago when they released the NeoSD, their high-quality flash cart for the Neo Geo. They’ve now turned their attention to the Sega Genesis, bringing us the MegaSD. This isn’t your average Genesis flash cart, though. It doesn’t just do Sega Genesis games, it plays Sega CD games, WITHOUT a Sega CD!

As you can see in this image, the cartridge shell is essentially the same one Sega used for the Genesis version of Virtua Racing. It’s a little tall, but not intrusively so. It will look right at home in whatever Sega Genesis system you happen to have, and we do mean whatever Genesis system. According to TerraOnion, the MegaSD is compatible with all official Mega Drive models. In the announcement video, they showed the unit plugged into a Genesis 1, Genesis 2, Genesis 3, and even a Nomad. They actually showed video of them plugging the MegaSD into a Nomad, and it booted up Sonic CD with ease, complete with the Sega CD startup screen. And yes, it's been confirmed to be compatible with the Analogue Mega Sg.

In addition to the Sega CD ISOS (bin+cue), it will of course support all Genesis, Mega Drive, and Master System games. You’ll be able to play 32X games too, but unlike the Sega CD games, this will require the use of actual 32X hardware. As for the Sega CD/32X combo games like Corpse Killer, those aren’t immediately compatible due to the nature of the way those games worked, but if there is enough demand, TerraOnion has said that they would be open to the idea of an adapter that will allow the MegaSD ti be plugged into the Genesis expansion port.

Will Stone Age Gamer be carrying the MegaSD?

We will be carrying the MegaSD at Stone Age Gamer, though we don’t have an official date set. Hopefully sometime in Fall 2019.

Will you be allowing trade-ins toward the MegaSD?

Yes, we currently plan on allowing trade-ins on other Genesis/MD flash carts we sell. Price list and trade-in information will be coming soon.

Will you plan on making a case for the MegaSD?

We do currently have plans to get a case made for the MegaSD.

What will the USD price be?

Based on the Euro price it will most likely be around $260. However, this is subject to change.

Pre-order Bonuses (for orders placed through

We plan on offering two pre-order bonuses for those who pre-order once it the product goes up on our site later this year:

  • Free Protective Storage Clam-shell Case
  • 1000 Bonus Prize Tickets (rewards points)

All that being said, if you absolutely can not wait for Stone Age Gamer to carry the MegaSD. It can be pre-ordered now at TerraOnion's web store.

As soon as we have more details ironed out, we will post them here. In the meantime, here are a few more glamour shots to enjoy.