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Say Hello to the MegaSD

Say Hello to the MegaSD

Stone Age Gamer
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The minds behind the NeoSD and Super SD System 3 have turned their attention to the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. Say hello to the MegaSD, available now at

What is the MegaSD?

The MegaSD is a Sega Genesis flash cart like no other. Akin to Terra Onion’s other flash carts, The MegaSD’s flagship new feature is its ability to play Sega CD games right on your Genesis console without the need for a Sega CD unit. This makes the MegaSD one of the most desirable flash carts for any Sega fan.

Sega CD playback through the MegaSD features more than just the basics. Options include smooth scaling modes, adjustable audio, and more. There’s never been a better way to experience the Sega CD’s library via solid state media.

Of course, in addition to Sega CD support, the MegaSD also plays Sega Genesis games (including Virtua Racing), MasterSystem games (including Sega Card titles), and even 32X games (with the use of a 32X console).

The MegaSD also works in just about anything that can play Sega Genesis cartridges. Sega Genesis, Sega Genesis 2, Sega Genesis 3, Sega Nomad, Sega CDX*, and even the Analogue Mega Sg are fully compatible with the MegaSD’s multitude of features, like multitap game compatibility, Enhanced MSU1-like Mega Drive games with CD audio, and more.

Also, exclusively at Stone Age Gamer, the MegaSD is available with a unique BitBox custom case designed by us.

So what are you waiting for? Go beyond the next level with the ultimate Genesis Flash Cart, and experience your Sega CD library in a whole new way.

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*Sega CD playback does not work on consoles with actual Sega CD hardware attached.

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