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Remute: Technoptimistic Deluxe Edition Overview

Remute: Technoptimistic Deluxe Edition Overview

Kris Randazzo
6 minute read

Technoptimistic by Remute is a music album for your Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. The cart itself is cool, but this includes a bonus track, BitBox case, liner notes, an audio cassette, and more, exclusively at Stone Age Gamer. Learn all about it!

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This is Technoptimistic by Remute. This is a music album that plays in a Sega Genesis or Mega Drive, and it uses the Genesis sound chip to actually create the music, which is pretty darn awesome. But if you're like me, you got this in the mail and you thought, where's the rest of it? Where's the box? Where's the liner notes? I want to know more. Well, we here at Stone Age Gamer got on the phone with Mr. Remute and said, "Mr. Remute, we want to make a deluxe edition of your album, Technoptimistic!" And thus, Technoptimistic Deluxe Edition was born. Let's take a look. 

OK, so this is Technoptimistic Deluxe Edition, which is a Stone Age Gamer exclusive. You can only get this at our site. It's super cool. So let's take a look at exactly what this is. So like I showed in the intro here, this is the original version of Technoptimistic. This is all you get in the mail and it is super duper awesome. This is a really cool record. It sounds super cool and it runs on a Genesis. Isn't that great? But this one comes in this case. This is one of our BitBoxes. These are products that we make here for Genesis cartridges, all kinds of cartridges. And we have this cool little new cover art for it. We've got the back here with a little explanation of what all this is and some some quotes, a real barcode and everything. It's it's pretty darn snazzy. 

So let's crack it open inside, see what we've got here. Obviously, the shininess here. This is the deluxe edition of the cartridge itself. It's got a reflective label. It's got a cool, clear blue cartridge, which you can see is a I mean, this looks neat, but this looks awesome. So then we have over here, we've got some cool Remute stickers. Of course, you've got the Stone Age Gamer sticker going on right here. And then you've got this, which is like liner notes. So this is an exclusive interview that I conducted with with Remute on the back here, you scan this QR code, gets you an exclusive bonus track, an extra track that isn't on the cartridge itself, which is pretty, pretty cool. It's called Beautiful Drone. 

And then inside here is the interview that I did with with Remute, which is it gets pretty weird. I'm not going to lie to you, but it's very fun. And I had a blast talking to the guy. Now, let's say you don't want to take your techno optimistic cart and slap it in a CDX so you can listen to it wherever you go. And you just want to listen to the tunes themselves outside of the realm of the Sega Genesis console. You can do that. Right here is a Bandcamp download thing. So basically just go to this website here. I guess because it's delicious. And it'll just bring it to a little prompt where you can type in this little code and that'll get you all of these tracks. 

But there's also the deluxe bonus track. This is exclusive to our release. And all you have to do to get that is scan this QR code, just scan it on your phone and bring to bring you to a little site where you can listen to it or you can download it and move it over to whatever platform you see fit. 

That's pretty cool on its own. But what else comes with this fancy special edition? You also get this tube. It's what's inside the tube that's actually awesome. All right, so inside the tube is a remote Technoptimistic poster and I can get that open. There we go. I love that popping noise. Here we go, ready for this? This is a really cool poster. It's got the big old robot, it's got the ship, so one of the cool things on this album is that there's a music video on there. There's an actual full music video on this Genesis cartridge. It runs just like a music video. It's a little grainy because it's on a Genesis cart. But regardless, there's a functioning music video and you'll see more of this ship and this robot. 

But that is not all. There's one more wacky thing inside of our collectors sorry, our special deluxe edition. And that is this little rectangle right here. If you are of a certain age, you recognize this. This is an audio cassette because a Genesis cartridge isn't quite outdated enough. Now, we put Technoptimistic on an actual real audio cassette. Side, A, side B, here's the cassette itself. Look, it's got this little insert here for the cassette tape. So, you know, the same saying, hold it upside down, huh? There we go. And then there's the really awesome looking cassette tape and side A, side B, it's blue. And I think we need to see if it works. So let's let's get our trusty tape recorder out here for anybody, again, of a certain age. 

Ever see a tape recorder before? Because this is actually the first time I'm attempting to use this. So let's see. Let's start with side A, let's put it in and let's see if this actually works. First, the volume on this. Oh, yeah, well, it functions not sure about my cassette tape player, but it certainly does make noise. Well, that's the long and the short of it. That's the basics of the deluxe edition of Technoptimistic exclusively at Stone Age Gamer. 

Technoptimistic Deluxe Edition by Remute is available exclusively at Stone Age Gamer. Thanks for watching, everybody. If you liked what you saw here today, please comment like subscribe do all that wonderful social stuff. Let us know if you heard any of Remute's albums or what other chiptune albums you think are super cool. And thanks again everybody. On behalf of all of us at Stone Age Gamer, keep playing games. 

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