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Novelties Overview

Novelties Overview

Kris Randazzo
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Sure, we sell all manner of accessories and flash carts, but we sell ridiculous novelty items too! Here's a brief rundown of a small sampling of our novelty products.

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Transcript of the video: 

Hi, everyone. Kris from Stone Age Gamer. You may know us is a great place to get flash carts or modern retro video game accessories and things of that ilk, but we also carry an awesome wide array of ridiculous novelty items. Let's take a look. 

OK, let's have a look at some novelties. And I know what you're thinking. Wait a minute. That's a little small for an Atari joystick. And you're right, this is a novelty keychain shaped like an Atari 2600 joystick. And the joystick actually moves around, which is pretty neat and doesn't do anything. But the button, on the other hand, does. Click on this little switch here. It's got two positions, four different volume settings because it makes noises. That's right. This thing makes a handful of different. Atari sounds when you press the button, there's your missile command, 2600. I don't know that one. I feel like I should last Pong. I know that one and that one I can't place either. But either way, they're all Atari related sounds. And that is pretty fantastic. 

Let's take a look at these things. They are Mario Kart characters in carts, but they aren't just like your typical Hot Wheels. No, these guys are pullbacks. We and there he goes. They're pretty cool, huh? Yeah, you got Mario, you got you got some Yoshi, you got some Toad. I think there might be a couple other characters out there. I don't honestly know, but the pullbacks work great. Yeah. You just take em, you pull them back and then they zoom off to wherever you want them to go. Zoom off this way, this time by Mario.

What if Pull-Back isn't your style? What if RC is your style? Check this thing out. What is this? Looks like a spaceship that's got Mario inside of it. Oh, look, it's a removable RC Mario Kart to get out of. There we go. Look at that. And he comes on that and you turn him on and then you close this and then you turn this guy on and we've got remote control. Mario karting, you know, turn turn the wheels there and go forward and backward. And I'm not going to drive this guy off the table because. Oh, what the heck? My carpets are soft. Because I, get back here. Get out. There we go. All right. Bye, Mario. 

Speaking of Mario, look at this thing. What in the world is this thing? Well, it's a pen, right? So this is the pen holder. It sits flat on a desk like. So you take it out and look at that. It's a well, it's a pipe, but it looks like a pen. See, it's got a little pen holder thing. It's got Mario on the top there. Watch this. This is awesome. Oh, he goes through the pipe to get back up there. There he goes. When you go down and gigantic tent, it's a humongous pen, not the most comfortable pen to write with. But, man, as far as novelty items go, it's Mario going in and out of a pipe in the shape of a pen. And he plugs into this brick and you can just keep them on your desk and people can say, what the heck is that thing on your desk? You say it's a pen. Look at it. Oh, yeah. Mario Pen, of course. 

Then we have these wonderful guys. This is part of the tiny arcade series. This is Tetris. And this is the kind of basic, straightforward one. Right. We're just going to turn this on and it's just a little tiny, really flat handheld Tetris game. It's a it's just regular old Tetris. It even has sound on it. Let's check that out. Two, one go. Oh, man, here we go, play some Tetris, and it's it's pretty basic Tetris, it doesn't seem to be based on any port, a specific port that I know of. Like, this isn't the best one. Certainly isn't the Gameboy. One kind of reminds me of the old PC one, but it does have like has the slow drop, has the quick drop, doesn't have any of your modern accouterments like reserve blocks or anything like that. And I am so spoiled for with the shadow block. So you always know where you're going to drop your piece. So I tend to make a lot of mistakes on this, but it's a nice little handheld version of Tetris and it's got the song, man. It just keeps going. Actually, it does eventually stop depending on oh man, I totally messed that up. There the music stopped and I just get your sound effects, you just get the sound effects and the the sound of you being sad every time you place a block in the wrong place. Isn't that fun? 

But there's more. Check this sucker out. This is Pac-man, but it's a little mini tabletop Pac-man, but it's actually a functioning Pac-man game with these little teeny tiny controls in here. So we'll just turn this on like so. And here you go. It's a pretty reasonable facsimile of the arcade version of Pac-man, like the Tetris we just looked at. It isn't it doesn't seem to be a specific console port that's in here. Go ahead and go and get a good look at the way this runs. So you have your joystick here and you can see it, does it? It doesn't run as smoothly as the arcade game. So I don't think this is an actual straight arcade emulation going on in here, but it does play pretty legit. It's a little tough to to kind of get used to that tiny little joystick that's stuffed down in here. But all things considered, this is a neat little guy here. And it's at the very least, it's a miniature Pac-man tabletop game, which is a which is pretty awesome. 

But if tabletops aren't your thing, you also have these guys. These are actually a little more keychain bits on them. If you want something this giant in your pocket at all times, go nuts. But this is a little miniature arcade q*Bert machine. No, it does not make the the bump noise when you when you lose a keyboard, but you turn this on and it's a this is a pretty solid arcade part of Q*Bert. As a matter of fact, if this one moves a lot smoother than the Pac-man one that I have, you can see it's a it feels pretty good, too. It feels pretty right. As far as like the timing goes or, you know, if I could just not pay attention, I'm doing I jump right off the side like some kind of lunatic. And there you go. That's Q*Bert. 

Now, the stuff you just saw in the video may or may not be available when you actually see this video. That's kind of the nature of these novelties, is that they go in and out of stock and we get new, weird things all the time. There was an awesome Donkey Kong coin bank we had a while back. I'm upset that I didn't get because you put the coins in and they roll down the docking station super cool. But either way, keep your eyes peeled on our website for all kinds of new novelty items. We get new stuff every month, all the time. And it's a whole heck of a lot of fun. Thanks for watching, everybody. If you liked what you saw here today, please comment. Like subscribe follow all those notifications and things, do the wonderful things that YouTube likes. And most importantly, let us know what kinds of weird novelties you'd like to see us carry or if you have any fun stories of novelty items you got from us in the past. But do you think we should carry again? Thanks again, everyone, for watching. On behalf of all of us here at Stone Age Gamer, keep playing games. 

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