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Hyperkin Cartridge Stands Overview

Hyperkin Cartridge Stands Overview

Kris Randazzo
9 minute read

Displaying your loose cartridges can be a challenge sometimes. Fortunately for us all, the folks at Hyperkin came up with these Cartridge Display Stands, and some of them are even STACKABLE! Let's take a look.

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Transcript of the video: 

Hi, everyone. Kris from Stone Age Gamer here. And let me tell you, if there's one thing that's more fun than playing video games, it's figuring out ways to display them. But especially in case of loose cartridges, sometimes that can be a challenge, especially the more of them you get. That's why our friends at Hyperkin came up with these. These are cartridge stands that can hold a whole bunch of them at a time and they even stack. Let's take a look. 

[00:00:27] Here we are. And let's start with this one. So here is the ten cartridge stand for NES and it is well, it's a plastic stand. It sits pretty nice, nice, smooth plastic. It doesn't feel it's not 3D printed or anything like that. It seems nice and durable and like they mentioned, it is stackable. It actually fits right in here. Now the cartridges themselves, they don't fit with the sleeves on. So if you are looking to store them. Cartridges and sleeves and manuals, stuff like that, no can do. It just holds the cartridges themselves. Here is an example of one all put together. So if you happen to have ten copies of super mario/duck hunt laying around, this is what they look like when they are in here. All lined up in a row. 

[00:01:12] You can see they have a little tiny bit of wiggle room, but they don't they're not loose at all. That's that's going nowhere. It's it's actually really nice and sturdy. So there's that. Now, how does it handle other NES type things? Well, let's let's give them all try. I got some weirdos here. Let's see, we've got American video and look at that. It fits. It's a little more loose than a regular NES cart, but it isn't going anywhere. How about a Tengen cart? We've got our RBI baseball here, and it's a little Tighter Than the other ones, but as you can see, it fits in there and just fine. It's not it's not tight, as in like it's going to scratch off your cartridge. It just holds a little bit tighter. They've got a Quattro sports here. Look at that and slides right in again, a little bit loose, kind of like this one, but not so bad. And you've got your color dreams, captain comic here. You've got Bible adventures to the that's like a glove. 

[00:02:07] This is more a little more interestingly this we've got ourselves a famicom disk system game and it actually slides in quite nicely obviously has moved to a room back move to room to move not moved to room to move back and forth. But it does fit in there quite nicely. And let's try a couple of different Famicom cards as well. We got a third party, one here, Dragon Ninja, a little tight, but it fits. Absolutely. And your regular Nintendo ones seem to fit just fine with no real effort. They do have that extra room, but again, it doesn't look too bad. And as far as stacking them goes, you go ahead and do that. See if I can catch your on camera. And Terra stacks like a Rolex actually looks pretty good, nice and sturdy. It's not going anywhere. And that is. And yes, let's see what's next. Okay. 

[00:02:58] Next up, let's talk Super Nintendo. I know right here it looks doesn't look too much different from the first one, but trust me, it's different. These are designed for super nice games and same basic principle, same color. It's stackable like the only one. And here is it in practice. Here's a bunch of Super Nintendo games in there, as you can see, and your colored ones look all nice. I like to put them in the front, but they all fit really snug, nice and easy in here. They actually slide in a little bit more like that tangled cart for any s did than the any s cards. But there's a little teeny tiny bit of wiggle room. Other than that they are very sturdy and ready to roll. So let's see, let's try out some of the other things here. We've got a super Gameboy and as you would imagine, that fits normally because the bottom of a super Gameboy is the same as a super easy kart. Let's see what else we got over here. 

[00:03:48] I've got a reproduction cartridge right here. It's based on a super famicom shell that's in similar to the Famicom karts and the actually got a little wiggle room there. But all in all, it fits nice and sturdy. An actual super famicom kart fits right in there. And even super 3D Noah's Ark from Wisdom Tree fits like a glove. Look at that. Now, obviously, you can't stack on top of this one because it's not even. But we can slap this one right on top of this and be just fine. Well, good. That fits. That's like a dream there. Super Nintendo. 

[00:04:24] Okay, next, let's talk Nintendo 64. This one here is again, same basic principle. These N64 ones are theoretically not stackable. I'll go over that in a second here. But so here is a stack of N64 games that I have here and we're just going to go ahead and line these up here and they fit nice and easily, nice and snug. Now I don't have any other oddly shaped N64 cartridges. I don't know that there are other oddly shaped N64 cartridges. Maybe I'm crazy, but I can't think of anything off the top of my head. That's an N64 kart that is not shaped like this. 

[00:05:01] Now I mentioned these things. Not merely being stackable and they aren't technically stackable, but if you really want to, you can balance it on top pretty easily and it's relatively sturdy as long as you're not, you know, slapping it around or anything too much like there. I just knocked around a little bit. It's not going anywhere. Obviously, there's nothing securing this in place. So do this at your own risk. But you can technically balance them on top of each other. Like see that that's not even falling off and it's been wiggling like crazy. So that's not bad. That is. And 64. All right, last one I have to show off here is Game Boy Advance. 

[00:05:34] This one I found pretty interesting here. So this is specifically for the game boy advance, which is a well, we'll look at that in a second. But this one is two rows side by side. It's smaller now. This one's because Gameboy cartridges are smaller than other cartridges. But there you go. There's the tray. And here's one that I've put a couple of games in off the right off the bat here. What's neat about these is you can kind of set them if you have room, you can set them a little bit apart. So you can kind of see from the top which game is which. Or you can just line them all up like this. They slide in and out extremely easily, one at a time. Maybe you can create some end labels for your cartridges to make them a little bit more viewable or just, you know, slap a label in there. This is like A through C or something like that. So that's this, oops, don't shake them around. That's not a good idea. And of course, it does also fit weird cartridges like here's copy or twisted slides. Right, and just like the rest of them. And does it fit over top and doesn't quite fit overtop that one. But if you skip one, you just skip one and then it fits like a glove and then you can fit more of them right behind it, just like a regular old cartridges. So that's pretty cool. 

[00:06:47] Now what I found weird about this being labeled specifically Gameboy Advance because it does House other Gameboy games just fine as you would expect. So like here's a couple of Gameboy color games, they just slide right in nice and easy. Again, I don't know why it's not written anywhere on there that these are compatible, but they are 100% compatible. Let's see, we've got other Gameboy color ones like this that have a little bump on the front. They have plenty of room to to line them up one after another, just like. So see, you've got no troubles with that. And even like weirdo karts, like Pokemon Pinball with the Rumble, that's just fine. Kirby Tilt and tumble fits just fine. Obviously, you would need to kind of work around these. Let's see if we can create a fun little waterfall effect. Pokemon Pinball. Not quite. Doesn't quite fit over. All right, so we got Pokemon Pinball and Mario where and then regular game boy advance game. So that's kind of a neat setup. Obviously, these ones aren't technically stackable either, although if you take out these little goofball ones here and I'll just kind of spread these out and pretend that it's full and you could place very easily on top of one another even easier than the N64 ones they don't lock into place like the other ones do, but because the games are all flat that they just kind of fit and stack nice and easily. So again, they don't lock, but they technically are stackable if you want them to and that is pretty much all I've got. 

[00:08:19] Various cartridge stands from Hyperkin are available now at Stone Age gamer dot com and as you just saw, they can be pretty darn handy. Thanks for watching everybody. If you like what you saw here today, please follow comment like subscribe. Be sure to share it around and let us know in the comments. Have you used any of these things before or do you have really cool ways of stacking and or showing off your loose cartridge collections? Let us know because we always love hearing from every single one of you. Thanks for watching again, everybody. On behalf of all of us here at Stone Age Gamer, keep playing games. 

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