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GameDrive for Atari Lynx is Coming Soon!

GameDrive for Atari Lynx is Coming Soon!

Kris Randazzo
4 minute read

GameDrive for Atari Lynx is coming soon to Stone Age Gamer!

RetroHQ, the creators of the NeoPocket GameDrive, have worked their magic on the Atari Lynx, and the resulting flash cart is the ultimate accessory for Atari’s late great handheld.

If you’re new around here, the Atari Lynx GameDrive is a flash cart for the Atari Lynx. What that means is it’s a cartridge that you put into your Lynx console that allows you to play ROM files instead of swapping out your cartridges. Just insert a micro SD card with whatever (legally obtained) Atari Lynx ROMs you want to play, and your collection of carts can remain tucked safely away.

Here are a few more things you should know.

Fits all Atari Lynx units!

The new Atari Lynx GameDrive fits comfortably in both versions of the Atari Lynx without issue.

So whether you’re rocking the original pocket destroyer or the sleek model 2, the GameDrive will work for you.

Adjustable menus

Sometimes you want your flash carts to have a little more, well, flash in the menus. The Atari Lynx GameDrive actually has multiple settings! Want to view it in dark mode? No problem. Like your background bright white? You can do that too. You can adjust the clicky sounds when scrolling through text, you can even decide if you want the file names to be capitalized. But that’s not all…

Screenshot Previews

If looking at a wall of text makes choosing which game to play too daunting, you can now scroll through a series of screenshot previews instead. The Atari Lynx GameDrive can actually display cover art and/or screen shots for whichever games you load onto it, and you can scroll through them instead. But it’s not just an image gallery, you can launch the games from there instead of the regular text menu, making it a much more colorful way to decide which game to play, or even a nice way to look over your digital collection.

Cheating is easy

If a game supports cheats, you can now easily toggle them on and off when you boot them up. No codes, no button combinations, just an easy to toggle menu! For example, let’s say you’re playing the excellent port of the arcade version of Ninja Gaiden, but you don’t feel like dealing with that pesky health bar. Just hit up the cheats menu when you boot up the game and you can give yourself infinite energy. However you want to play it, you can!

Super fast load times

One thing you definitely want your flash cart to be is fast, and the Atari Lynx GameDrive is (Blue) Lightning fast! Even the beefiest Lynx ROMs load in an instant, so you’ll be able to spend more time chucking your discarmor in Rygar, navigating mazes in Chip’s Challenge, or practicing the hacky sack, er, foot bag, in California Games!

Exclusive Stone Age Gamer Deluxe Edition

It wouldn’t be a Stone Age Gamer flash cart without our usual bevy of extras, and the Atari Lynx GameDrive is no exception. Not only does our version come with our exclusive label, but for $12 more you’ll get our BitBox protective storage case, GameDrive stickers, and more!

The Atari Lynx GameDrive is 100% compatible with all licensed Atari Lynx games, compatible with ComLynx play, runs homebrew ROMs, and will make your Atari Lynx console the happiest it’s ever been.

Of course, if you’re looking to make your Lynx even happier, did you know that we offer console modding services? If there’s something you’d like to have done to your Atari Lynx, let us know and we’ll see what we can do!

The Atari Lynx GameDrive is available now for pre-order, and you can grab yours here!

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