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Charity Stream This Weekend on Twitch

Charity Stream This Weekend on Twitch

Kris Randazzo
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Every year, our friends over at Geekade gather together for what they call the Pain-in-the-Ass-a-Thon (PITAthon for short), a charity event where they stream difficult video games for 24 hours straight to raise money for the Colorectal Cancer Alliance. (Get it? Colorectal cancer, pain in the ass?) This year is poised to be their biggest year yet, with a crazy lineup of games, a set of bonus rounds with several Twitch streamers, and an art auction to help bring even more money in for this awesome charity. Plus, this year Stone Age Gamer will be matching donations up to $1200. That means that if Geekade manages to bring in $1200, we’ll give them an additional $1200. Let’s take a look at how it’s all going to work.

PITAthon Art Auction - August 3-10

Before the PITAthon kicks off proper this weekend, Geekade is hosting an art auction featuring pieces donated from some very generous artists. 100% of the proceeds go right into the PITAthon’s donation pile, and the art ranges from drawings, to cross stitches, to photo prints, purses, and more. Here are a few highlights, and you can follow the link below to view (and bid!) on them all.

PITAthon Art Auction HERE

The 2019 Pain-in-the-Ass-a-Thon - August 10-11 from 10am-10am (EST)

This is the main event! Geekade’s staff will all be gathering together to stream pain in the ass video games for your entertainment. Here’s a rundown of the schedule and who will be playing the games, starting at 10am EST.

For more in-depth breakdowns on the games and the players head on over to, and be sure to tune in live starting August 10th at 10am at But wait, there’s more!

PITAthon BONUS ROUNDS - August 11

Geekade is being joined by Twitch streamers from across the internet to help extend the PITAthon! Here’s what’s on tap.

And that’s the long and the short of it. Geekade wants to help stomp out Colorectal Cancer, and they need your help. So if you’re anywhere near a computer or a device that can stream video, The folks running the PITAthon would be more than happy to have you tune in to their event. There are certainly worse ways to spend a Saturday night! 

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