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Black Friday is Coming to Town!

Black Friday is Coming to Town!

Kris Randazzo
7 minute read

NOTE: Discounts listed here were only valid on Black Friday. See for updated pricing

It’s that most magical time of year again. You know, when retailers post a bunch of sale prices on things you want to buy! Well, Stone Age Gamer is no different, and as you may have seen already, our Black Friday sale has some pretty neat stuff on it. Whether you’re in the market for a new EverDrive for yourself, or you are looking for the perfect present for the retro gamer in your life, there’s a pretty good chance you’re going to find something to get excited about this Friday, and we're going to break down what makes some of these items so darn cool. In case you missed it, here's the ad in full.

Very pretty, right? Now, let's check out some highlights. 

20% off all EverDrive and SD2SNES products!

This is easily the biggest deal we’ve got, so let’s get the big questions out of the way first. This does not apply to all flash carts! This is specifically for EverDrive and SN2SNES carts. Unfortunately that means no TerraOnion Neo-SD. But if it says EverDrive on it and it’s a flash cart, you’re in luck!

Now, if you’re new here and you don’t know what a flash cart is, here’s the basics. A flash cart is a cartridge that lets you play (legally obtained) ROMS on original hardware without the need for swapping out different regular game carts. Essentially, you can condense your game collection down to a single cartridge if you do it right. These things make outstanding gifts for the retro gamer in your life, and they’re the type of things that are just outside the realm of mainstream so if you do give someone one as a gift, you will probably score some big points with them. Our site is pretty well laid out to help you pick out the setup that’s right for you, and if you have any questions, you can always reach out and we’ll do our best to help you get it all figured out. The world of flash carts can be fairly intimidating for folks who don't know exactly what they're shopping for, but we're here to help!

What’s especially excellent about this timing is that the SD2SNES just went through some pretty nice upgrades. It’s got way more compatibility now than it did just a few months ago, and with Super NES gaming being as big as it is these days, now is a pretty fantastic time to pick one of these little guys up. You can also upgrade to a Deluxe version for only $10 more. This normally costs $20. Who doesn’t love saving $10?

20% off Game Cases & Protectors

Do you know someone with a bunch of loose game cartridges lying around? How about someone who has a bunch of nice boxed NES or SNES games lined up on their shelves? Well, this category is for you. Stone Age Gamer’s Bit Boxes are a remarkably versatile way to keep your carts protected and looking snazzy in the process. They can be a bit of an investment, especially for larger collections, but there’s no getting around just how much better your shelves will look once you’ve boxed up those loose carts. They come in all shapes and sizes, too. So no matter what kind of cartridge you’re collecting, a Bit Box can probably keep them protected and looking nice, and at 20% off, there’s never been a better time to get a few for yourself. Of course, if you’re looking at it from the gift-giving angle, these things make for spectacular gifts! Some of the very best presents you can get are the ones that you would never think to get for yourself. The kind of things you think are super cool, but almost always have something else you’d rather be saving up for. Bit Boxes are the equivalent to finding an incredibly cool pair of socks for someone. You know they would never buy them if they saw them themselves, but if they got it as a gift, they would cherish them for the rest of their days.

Of course, there’s more to this category than just cool, black Bit Boxes. Box Protectors are on sale too! You’ve probably seen these things all over the place, either at conventions, or retro game stores here and there. If you collect complete NES or SNES games, these things are an absolute must. Not only do they make your boxed stuff look super shiny and cool, but they keep them safe inside an easily removable plastic sleeve. Just as a comic book fan wouldn’t dream of keeping their copy of New Mutants 98 or Hulk 181 flapping in the breeze without a bag and board, you shouldn’t have your nice boxed copy of Little Samson sitting on a shelf, exposed to the elements, just waiting for damage! Box protectors are a beautiful thing, and even if you aren’t thinking of getting any for yourself, you should consider picking some up for a friend. They’ll thank you for it.

GCHD MK I for $99!

Exactly what this item is may not be immediately clear to the uninitiated, but for the right audience, this little bugger is a godsend. Essentially, this gives your original Nintendo GameCube an HDMI port, and allows you to play your favorite purple cube in brilliant quality, right there on your HDTV. All you have to do is plug it into the back of the console and you’re good to go. Super Mario Sunshine, F-Zero GX, Eternal Darkness, all the best GameCube games ever made all look stellar on modern TVs thanks to this device. If you or someone you love is a GameCube enthusiast, this should sit right at the top of their holiday wish list. It even comes in an adorable purple GameCube style box!

Up to 50% off AV Cables, AC adapters & more

Stocking stuffers can be a hard thing for some people. That’s where AV cables and AC adapters come in to save the day! Yes, these things aren’t very exciting on the surface, but if you happen to need one, they're just about the coolest thing on the planet. Suddenly, you've pulled back the curtain on your old console sitting in a box in the attic, just waiting for that one last component to get it all hooked up and delivering good times to you and yours once again. We’ve got flavors for just about every retro console out there, so if your old systems are sitting around, waiting to be used again, take this opportunity to get them up and running for the holidays.

There’s a whole lot more, so definitely take a few minutes to peruse the site if you’ve got the time. If you’re a gamer, there’s obviously plenty for you on Black Friday, but if you happen to be in the market for some gifts for the gamers in your life, our site is a great place to find some things people might not expect to see under the tree. Happy holidays, everyone! 

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