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Artovision 3D Artwork Overview

Artovision 3D Artwork Overview

Kris Randazzo
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Handcrafted in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, these officially licensed shadowbox art pieces are a sight to behold.

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Transcript of the video:

If you're watching this video, chances are you like video games. You probably like the way that they sound or the way that they play or maybe even you like the way that they look like most people do. Now, there are a lot of great ways to decorate your home in video game themed artwork. But we here at Stone Age Gamer are fortunate enough to carry one of the coolest ways there is: Artovision! Let's take a look. 

All right, here we are looking at some of the Artovision art. We're going to start with the desk art. So this is what we call the desk art. These are just these cool little bricks. They're made out of, I think, acrylic and they stand up pretty flat like. So they look really great on a desk. You can see this is a picture this is a scene from Cuphead, one of the coolest looking games released in the last 10 or 20 years. But you can see that I'm moving around and it's got a really cool 3-D effect going on because this is printed in two layers. You've got the front layer. This is all painted directly onto the front. And then on the back here, you've got this is the background painted. So it gives you that really nice three dimensional look. And we've got a bunch of different styles of these on the site. This one I wanted to show off first, because this is from a more modern game. It looks like an animation cel or something. But if you're like me, you're into pixel art. 

So let's take a look at a straight up screen shot. And this one here is from Contra III. The Alien Wars is one of my very favorite Super Nintendo games. This is, I think, the second boss. And you've got Lance and Bill right here in the front. And you see you move it around and you can see this is a this is a dual layered one, just like the other one. These are all done in two layers front and back. And you can see that the the border of this whole stage is on one layer with Lance and Bill and the giant totally not Terminator is in the background ripping through the wall, ready to barf up a bunch of fireballs at you. And it is extraordinarily cool. 

Speaking of extraordinarily cool, there is another form of these, which is the arcade classic style. We have several of these that are based off old arcade cabinets. And what's really awesome about these besides, you know, everything, is you've got the screen shot in the background there. And you can see if I move around that it's like it's like looking into the original arcade cabinet. And you got the the artwork going on on the outside here, kind of like a combination of what was around the screen in the the marquee art at the top and what else is really awesome. I don't know how well you can pick up on this in the video itself, the screen shot inside there is not super high resolution. It's actually kind of fuzzy, just like the original arcade game, which is a really, really, really nice touch. And I really appreciated that. 

But as cool as these are, these are just the desk art. The really cool business is the shadowbox. Look at this monster right here. This is a great classic scene, Guile's stage from Street Fighter II. You've got Guile, you've got Blanka, you've got these people hanging out in the background just waiting for them to beat the snot out of each other. And these things, really video doesn't even do it justice. I'm going to move this around so you can see just how 3D this one is, and you just have to see these things in person to truly appreciate how amazing they are. What else is cool about these? The shadow boxes? There's a whole lot more dimensionality to them. I'm not positive that's a word, but I'm coining it now. Dimensionality. So these come in four different layers in the background here and you've got the sky and then the next layer forward, you've got the plane, the next layer forward, you've got the power meter and these jokers sitting in the background eating donuts, drinking coffee or whatever. You're waiting for these guys to fight. And then the front layer, you've got the words and the score and block and Guile getting ready to fight. And it's got it's got a good weight to it. 

They come officially licensed. You can see on the back here, it's got the Capcom license and everything, and they come with a sawtooth hangar's back here, which are my favorite way to hang things, because you can kind of adjust them however you need to. You need to sit over here, then it'll lean a little bit more in that direction to be more balanced on your wall there. They're very nice. And they got the two little jobber's down here. So they don't scratch up your wall. If you want to take it, move it around. And it's also got this big old flat surface that you can stand up straight on top of something if you really want to try to give you a little size difference here. In case you didn't notice, these guys are obviously a heck of a lot smaller. But most of this art is available in two different forms. We also have this one in big ol' shadowbox format. If you're a big Contra III fan, which I am, but this one's pretty darn cool, too, and that's pretty much it. 

So whether you're looking to spruce up your desktop, make your bathroom look super cool or I don't know, put them up on the ceiling, you do you, Artovision's got you covered. We have a wide selection of desk art and shadow boxes available right now at If you like this video, be sure to comment like and subscribe. Thanks again for watching and keep playing games. [00:00:06][0.0]

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