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About the SD2SNES Pro...

About the SD2SNES Pro...

Ryan Cross
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Yes, we will be carrying the SD2SNES Pro. However, we are currently working on a complete overhaul of the logo and packaging designs. At this time we have nothing to preview, but hopefully will have something in a couple weeks.


We only have a limited amount of units available in this first batch. We will update on social media once we know when we will begin taking orders.


We will only be receiving a fraction of the first batch of units. However, it is important for the consumer to know that the first batch of PCBs will NOT fit into North American shells. KRIKzz has told us this correction will be made in the next batch. So our initial batch will be limited to the gray universal style shell.

If a North American shelled version is important to you, we suggest waiting until the next batch arrives.


We will be offering a trade-in program for owners of the regular SD2SNES. This trade-in will allow you to get the SD2SNES Pro for as low as $99.99 after trade-in. However, trade-in values will be determined by the revision of the PCB. We have not determined all trade-in values yet, but we do not expect even the oldest revision to trade-in for less than a $70 value. However, this is all subject to change.

Will you only allow trade-ins of SD2SNES bought from Stone Age Gamer? 

At this time we plan on allowing trade-ins of the KRIKzz version as well.

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