XBOX Keyboard & Mouse Adapter (Mayflash)

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XBOX Keyboard & Mouse Adapter (Mayflash)
Xbox Keyboard & Mouse Adapter is an unique adapter that allows you to connect standard PS/2 compatible mice and keyboards to your Xbox console. You will be able to enjoy First Person Shooters (FPS), or any other games where precision and targeting is important.
The Xbox Keyboard & Mouse Adapter is fully programmable and come with pre-installed key configurations for the best games available on the Xbox. Advanced features such as Deadzone adjustments and mouse control inversion guarantee best gaming experience with your favorite titles.
Product Features
  • Connect PC mouse and keyboard to Xbox
  • Designed for First Person Shooting (FPS) games
  • Support keyboard and mouse keys (including scroll-wheel)
  • Pre-installed configurations for most FPS best sellers
  • Built-in memory card slot for compatible peripherals