The New Stone Age Gamer

Welcome to the new Stone Age Gamer web store. We have been working hard to bring a whole new site and much better shopping experience.

What is new?
We have many new features, improvements, and more. Here is a current list up what is new:

  • Mobile Friendly
    The new site is now mobile friendly.
  • Flat Rate Shipping
    No longer worry how much shipping will cost every time you add a new item to your cart. We now offer flat rate shipping no matter what you order*. U.S. flat rate starts at $5.99, Canada flat rate starts at $12.99 and all other International starts at $14.99.
  • Easier to Order Flash Carts
    We have made it easier than ever to order flash carts from our site. You will be guided through a series of pages to get directly what you want. All carts can now be upgraded to Deluxe Edition. Our new Configured flash carts now allow you to see what your configuration will look like in real time on the product listing.
  • More Payment Options
    We will continue to take all major credit cards and PayPal, but we are also adding Amazon Payments and PayPal Credit to checkout.
  • Currency Selection
    We have a lot of international customers. It is now easier than ever to understand the cost of products in your native currency. Please note: currencies may not change for product options. Stone Age Gamer will now show prices at the current exchange rates for the following currencies:
    • USD - U.S. Dollar
    • AED - Arab Emirate Dirham 
    • AUD - Australian Dollar
    • BRL - Brazilian Real
    • GBP - British Pound
    • CAD - Canadian Dollar
    • EUR - Euro
    • JPY - Japanese Yen
  • Affiliate Program (BETA testing now)
    Have a YouTube channel or blog? You can now earn money by promoting Stone Age Gamer products. If your viewers/readers follow your link and buy products from us you will earn a percentage back.
  • BitBox Prints Origin Change
    BitBox prints will begin to ship from our Salem, Ohio location again. No longer will you have to pay for extra shipping.
  • Better Flash Cart Resources
    Easy access to the latest OS and Firmware files for your flash cart. Check it out HERE.
  • and much more...

Was anything removed?
Unfortunately some things had to be removed, but not many.

  • Money Orders
    We no longer accept money orders via the web site.
  • Used Games
    For now we have removed Used Games from the site. They may come back later either via our eBay store of if we get our retail store and online store databases integrated.

* Flat Shipping will apply to all orders except orders which contain over-sized items. Currently the only items considered over-sized on our website are the BitBox 10, 25, 50 and 100-packs. If these are added to your order you will receive the real-time calculated shipping cost based on the weight of the order.

Beta testing ran from March 16 to April 18th.

  • Apr. 18 @ 05:00PM - Removed from Beta status. 
  • Apr. 18 @ 02:55PM - Added Custom Label Specs section.
  • Apr. 15 @ 09:38PM - Fixed issue with Gift Certificates not applying in shopping cart.
  • Apr. 11 @ 03:08PM - BitBox prints available to order again.
  • Apr. 06 @ 03:24PM - Flash Cart Disclaimer updated.
  • Apr. 06 @ 03:24PM - Added enhancement chip files to SD2SNES resources page.
  • Apr. 06 @ 03:24PM - Added feature list to all flash carts.
  • Apr. 06 @ 09:32AM - Fixed missing "Midnight" shell from SNES flash cart configurations.
  • Apr. 05 @ 01:45PM - Added flash cart PCB versions to flash cart listings.
  • Apr. 02 @ 10:01AM - Missing gift certificate issue fixed.
  • Mar. 31 @ 01:20PM - Fixed Mega EverDrive custom listings. Added metal flake colors.
  • Mar. 30 @ 12:27PM - Had to change BitBox NES, SNES, GB & N64 10-packs to over-sized items.
  • Mar. 29 @ 10:05AM - Added Screws selection to EverDrive-N8 (FC) Pulse
  • Mar. 29 @ 10:05AM - Fixed "Out of Stock" EverDrive-N8 Famicom Issue
  • Mar. 28 @ 10:17PM - Fixed missing Torx screws from Ultra EverDrive64 (Configured).
  • Mar. 28 @ 04:08PM - Added NeoSD Resources to site.
  • Mar. 27 @ 11:43AM - Missing order issue resolved.
  • Mar. 26 @ 11:47AM - Fixed duplicate order issues with migrated orders.
  • Mar. 20 @ 04:47PM - Added Legacy Flash Cart Resources to site.
  • Mar. 20 @ 02:06PM - Fixed EverDrive-GBA (Smoke) game pack.
  • Mar. 20 @ 02:01PM - Added SD2SNES Resources to site.
  • Mar. 20 @ 02:01PM - Added Super EverDrive Resources to site.
  • Mar. 20 @ 11:06AM - Added disclaimer to BitBox listings for 25/50/100 packs.
  • Mar. 20 @ 10:00AM - Added EverDrive-GG Resources to site.
  • Mar. 20 @ 10:00AM - Added Turbo EverDrive Resources to site.
  • Mar. 20 @ 10:00AM - Added EverDrive-GBA Resources to site.
  • Mar. 19 @ 09:02PM - Added Master EverDrive Resources to site. 
  • Mar. 19 @ 09:02PM - Added EverDrive-GB Resources to site.
  • Mar. 19 @ 09:02PM - Added EverDrive64 Resources to site.
  • Mar. 19 @ 04:53PM - Added EverDrive-N8 Resources to site.
  • Mar. 19 @ 02:18PM - Added Mega EverDrive Resources to site.
  • Mar. 19 @ 02:18PM - Added Flash Cart Resources section of site.
  • Mar. 18 @ 11:25AM - Site template was updated with major bug fixes.
  • Mar. 18 @ 11:25AM - N64 Prints download link fixed.
  • Mar. 18 @ 11:25AM - Flash Cart Disclaimer updated.