Super Painter - NES Homebrew Game

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Super Painter - NES Homebrew Game

Trapped in a colorless world, armed with a paintbrush - there’s only one thing to do! As Super Painter, you’ll have to fill in all the missing color from the walls and ledges of 25 charming stages. Watch out for enemies and pits to the bottom, and don’t box yourself in - when you’re done painting, you’ll have to race to the magic door to the next level. It’s platform puzzling at its finest!


  • Dodge and jump through 25 platforming stages!
  • Avoid enemies and hazards!
  • Paint the floor, paint the walls, paint everything to unlock the passage to the next level!
  • Puzzle your way through 3 exciting worlds!

*Super Painter is owned, created, and developed by Retro Souls. Mega Cat Studios provided physical manufacturing and distribution.