Super Nintendo Mini RGB Modded Console Bundle with FXPak Pro

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Super Nintendo Mini RGB Modded Console Bundle with FXPak Pro
This Super Nintendo Console has been modified with an advanced RGB modification that will allow you to use a SCART or HD Retrovision cable as it used the standard Nintendo Multi-out connector that you use with the normal composite cables as well.  A matching Retro Future version of the FXPak Pro is included, along with a 64gb micro SD card.  We have included a wireless 8bitdo controller which is in the style of the original SFC controller, as well as a receiver for it to work on the SNES.   
  • Original SNES Mini Console
  • Advanced RGB Modification Pre-Installed
  • Blue Power LED installed
  • FXPak Pro (Latest Version) Retro Future Deluxe w/ 64GB Micro SD card
  • 8Bitdo SNES Bluetooth Controller
  • 8Bitdo SNES Bluetooth Receiver
  • S Video A/V cable
  • Power Adapter


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