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Operating System

Version Release Date Compatibility Download
v5 08/02/2015 v2 / v2 DSP [DOWNLOAD]
v4 05/27/2015 v2 / v2 DSP [DOWNLOAD]
v3 01/17/2015 v2 / v2 DSP [DOWNLOAD]
v2 04/14/2014 v2 [DOWNLOAD]
v1 04/01/2014 v2 [DOWNLOAD]
Looking for original Super EverDrive v1 OS files? Visit our LEGACY section.

Enhancement Chip Files for Super EverDrive DSP

Looking for a list of Enhancement Chip games? Check out this Wikipedia Article.

Chip Notes Download
DSP-1 Drop into root "SPED" folder to add DSP-1 support. [DOWNLOAD]
DSP-1b Drop into root "SPED" folder to add DSP-1b support. [DOWNLOAD]
DSP-2 Drop into root "SPED" folder to add DSP-2 support. [DOWNLOAD]
DSP-3 Drop into root "SPED" folder to add DSP-3 support. [DOWNLOAD]
DSP-4 Drop into root "SPED" folder to add DSP-4 support. [DOWNLOAD]

Release Notes:


  • Fixed default DSP type for Pilot Wings.


  • Fixed bug with long file lists.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect information in "Device Info" menu.
  • Both controllers active in menu.


  • Included support of super-ed with DSP module.


  • Minor bug fix. Random unexpected errors during game loading should not appear anymore.


  • Original release.



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