Sega Genesis JOYzz Wireless Controller

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Sega Genesis JOYzz Wireless Controller


  • Wireless controller for SEGA Genesis/Megadrive. Can also be used with master system as well
  • Very Low power consumption. Up to 150 hours of gameplay on one charge
  • Power saving mode: If there is no any activity for a few minutes the controller switches to power saving mode.  After pushing on start or d-pad buttons, the controller immediately will go back to an active state.
  • Quick response, no input lag. Response time around 2.7ms
  • Special compatibility mode with genesis 3-buttons and SMS controllers. Some games do not work properly with 6-buttons controllers, but joyzz offers compatibility modes to solve this problem
  • 800mAh li-ion battery
  • Charging via micro-usb port *micro usb cable not included


Special functions:

1. Force power saving mode: Hold MODE+A+X and then click START

2. Exit from power saving mode: START or any key on D-PAD

3. 3-buttons controller mode: Hold for 3 sec. MODE+START+C. Required for some games which are not compatible with 6-buttons controllers. (Golden Axe II, for example)

4. SMS controller mode:  Hold for 3 sec. MODE+START+B. Required for some SMS games which are not compatible with genesis controllers.

5. Switch controller to normal 6-buttons mode:  MODE+START+Z

6. Sync controller with receiver: Hold sync button on receiver for 4 sec. until led on receiver  starts blinking. Hold MODE+X+Y+Z until led goes out.

All compatibility modes (combo 3 and 4) will reset to default after power cycle on receiver.


Receiver indication:

1. Constant led shining: Controller is not connected.

2. Led turned off: Controller connected

3. Slow light pulsation: Low battery level


Package bundle: 1x controller + 1x receiver.  Charging cable is not included. Any micro-usb cable can be used for charging.