Sega DreamCast DC Digital Kit

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Sega DreamCast DC Digital Kit


WARNING: We consider this an ExpertLevel modification. Meaning only those with experience modding, intracate soldering, disassembling systems, etc. should attempt this modification. Stone Age Gamer, nor the manufacturer, will warranty modifications that are not done properly. If you do not feel comfortable installing the DCDigital yourself we highly suggest using our install service which you can find HERE. We can NOT accept returns on this item if it has been opened. 

 About DCDigital:

  • The only Digital to Digital Dreamcast solution available.
  • Integer scaling
  • In Game Reset
  • Correct Aspect Ratio compared to other analog to digital solutions.


DCHDMI can be installed on VA0 and VA1 models (All regions).  There must be a 0 or 1 in the circle as shown here 


  • The DCDIGITAL outputs native digital video and audio.  It can output 480p and interger scaled 960p. 1080p is also supported (960p with borders) for pixel perfect presentation with the correct aspect ratio.
  • Scanlines
  • In Game Reset
  • WiFi Updates (GDEMU users should remove their GDEMU and replace with normal GDROM based drives before updating.  GDEMUs are unshielded and can effect the wifi/download.  

If you would like to know more about the features available with DCDigital check out the settings summary page:



Here is a full install video.
Install Instructions:
Chinese Localized install video:



A mini HDMI cable is required