Playstation MODE Modding Service

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Playstation MODE Modding Service

This Mail-in Service is for the installation of the Playstation MODE Kit into a customer provided console.

PLEASE NOTE: Only PU18 Motherboards are compatible with the MODE and the Playstation kit.  Please check your model number to make sure you have a 500X or 550X model, we can only accept that model.  If the wrong version is sent the buyer is responsible for any potential return shipping costs incurred. 


Modding Services typically take 1-5 days from the time we receive the console.  


This services DOES NOT include the PSX MODE kit. You must either purchase the mod from us Here or provide it when shipping your console. 


This service DOES NOT include the TerraOnion MODE product. You must either purchase the product from us Here or provide your own when shipping your console. 



MOD CHIPS: Mod chips should have no affect on this modification. However, Stone Age Gamer offers no responsibility for a preexisting modifications. While rare, there could be a scenario where Stone Age Gamer has to replace your motherboard. We would not replace or reimburse the customer for any preexisting modification. If for some reason your modification is found to be incompatible with the PSIO switch modification Stone Age Gamer is not responsible for replacing or reimbursing the customer.


Ship just your PlayStation console (500X / 550X models ONLY) & MODE PSX kit (if applicable) with invoice to:
(please no AV cables, power cables, or accessories)

Stone Age Gamer - MODE
378 E. State St.
Salem, OH 44460

PLEASE READ: We highly suggest insuring your shipment to us. We are not responsible for any damage until the console is received and inspected. Your console must be in working order when inspected. We are not a repair service, we only provide the modification. Do NOT ship your console to us without purchasing this first.