PC/Mac "Dog Bone" NES USB Controller (Tomee)

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PC/Mac "Dog Bone" NES USB Controller (Tomee)

Shaped like a dog bone, The Tomee NES Dogbone Controller reduces thumb and hand fatigue thanks to its round body. It features an eight-way directional pad and four digital buttons, and its USB connectivity makes installation a snap on a PC or a Mac.

Product Features

  • Dog bone body shape reduces thumb and hand fatigue
  • Convenient plug-n-play USB connectivity
  • Works for PC and Mac
  • Requires PC running Windows 98 SE or later, or Mac running OS X 10.0 or later
  • Eight-way directional pad
  • Four digital buttons

2 Reviews

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    A Blast from the Past!

    Posted by Louis R on Jan 20th 2022

    TL;DR - Exactly like the NES Dog Bone. You won't be desapointed!

    I vividly remember going to a friend's house as a kid to play some NES, and as is customary, you tend to get the worst controller when your not at your place. I'm not sure whether my friend thought that the Dog Bone was a No Name knock off, but that is what he gave to me, and I loved it SO much! Don't get me wrong, the OG NES controller was great, but I never had have my hands so comfortable before!

    Then the SNES came out, and when I finally got it a few years later (we were a low income family, but we were fine), I don't know why, but holding the SNES controller gave me a feeling that, as I was still a kid, I had never felt before. I later understood that said "feeling" was actually, and simply, nostalgia...

    As an adult, I started collecting retrogaming stuff, mostly Sega Genesis and SMS. BUT, when I saw this Dog Bone USB controller, I just knew I had to buy it, even though I was a be skeptical because of the low price. Well, don't worry about it, since it is as close as it could be to the real thing. Plus, it simply works; Plug & Play!

    Now it is my default 8bit (and modern very retro titles) games controller f or my PC, and it worked with everything I threw at it! From emulation to everything else. I ever manage to keep using it with most of my "Mini"/"Classic" consoles (some require a separate adapter, some don't).

    Whether you are like me and loved this controller as a kid, or just want a simple controller to play Mario on you computer, you cannot got wrong with this one. Huge recommandation from myself, and also props to SAG for the fast shipping and great packaging!


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    Blast from the past

    Posted by Tom T on Oct 30th 2021

    This is a great USB controller. Great for playing classic 8-bit games on PC or Mac. I never owned an original dog-bone controller, just the original NES pad. Revisiting games with this gave me the old-school feel but with just a bit more comfort. Feels well-built for the price, don't expect 8bitdo or pro quality, but had no problems plugging in and using right away.